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Calling all knowledgeable people to write ATP courses

Do you have a favorite tip or trick that you'd like to share with your peers? Are you well versed in the inner workings of a particular product? Come share your knowledge with other AUGI members with the AUGI Training Program (ATP)!  We are looking for instructors for our classic ATP courses and our Fast Track classes.

It's not as difficult to qualify as an instructor as you think.  Are you proficient in a software package, programming language or CAD management?  A you spare a few hours for writing the three class segments, then approximately half an hour per day for the month the class runs, to monitor the private class forum on AUGI?  For a Fast Track, you would only need a few hours for writing the segment and approximately half an hour a day for two weeks.

The classic course runs for four weeks - three weeks of instruction with a new segment every week, and one last week of discussion in the online forum. Our Fast Tracks are for the students on the go - one week of instruction with one quick course and another week of discussion after that. This is an international group, so we're always on the lookout for non-English courses, too!  If this sounds like something you'd love to do, please send an email to team-atp@augi.com and we'll get you on your way. 


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