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AUGI Forum Status Update

AUGI and Illiac have reached agreement for the transference of AUGI data.  The agreement was signed by all parties late Monday and includes a mutually agreed timeline for exchange of the data.  Once the data exchange is completed, AUGI can work to incorporate the data in the new AUGI website. 

The AUGI Forums will be the first data restored.  We will be moving back to vBulletin as a Forum platform.  Old data will be restored in its original state.  Forum posts that were created on our new site will be incorporated from the Expression Engine forums as we are able. Once the Forum data is in place and fully tested the existing logins should allow access to all posts as before.

It is expected that all prior Forum posts, avatars, signatures, access levels will be the same as they were.  This may take some verification as we are moving over one million posts and attachments. 

We expect the restoration of the Forums to be completed by January 7th or sooner.

We thank all those that have worked toward a positive outcome within AUGI and Illiac.

Mark Kiker
AUGI President


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