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January/February 2011 AUGIWorld Magazine - Now Available for Download

AUGI is pleased to announce that the latest issue of AUGIWorld is now available for download.

What is Autodesk QTO? Judah Jackson describes the best little program you aren't using!

Click Here to download the AUGIWorld January/February 2011 issue!


Also in this issue of AUGIWorld:

Find out what is in store with an AUGIWorld Q&A with the new AUGI President.

Big Room Drawing Health, a CAD management topic by Darren Young on proper AutoCAD DWG maintenance.

Bootstrap Your AutoCAD Deployments by R. Robert Bell goes into detail for custom AutoCAD deployments.

A BIM-less World by Christopher Fugitt dives right into visualization in Civil 3D and Navisworks.

The Art of Sharing with eTransmit by Jeff Bartels shows how easy it is to share your DWGs in AutoCAD.

One Man Shop: Consulting vs. Freelancing, Part Two, by Tom Cipolla takes a fresh look at consulting work.

Planned Plotting by Beth Powell returns to cover the main purpose of using AutoCAD - plotting!

AutoCAD’s Annotative by Ron Lohan encourages you to try something new, for a change!

What’s the Point of this Roof? by Felix Gonzalez puts a cap on it using Revit Architecture.

Wood Framing Walls by Phil Russo breaks down doing wood in Revit Structure.

Own the Interface by Todd Shackelford puts in you in control of your own AutoCAD ribbon.

Spaces in AutoCAD Architecture by Melinda Heavrin divides and conquers spaces in ACA!




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