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AUGI Combines Publications

In 2009 Autodesk User Group International launched a new publication – AUGI | AEC Edge. Devoted to the AEC market, it was started so that AEC articles could be published on a regular basis. The magazine was published on a seasonal basis but had no set release schedule.

In late 2010 the AUGI Board began a review of all current publications and entered into 2011 with the goal of increasing content and increasing regularity on issue dates. As such, the AUGI Board has made the following adjustments, starting with a new February 2011 AUGIWorld issue.

  • AUGI | AEC EDGE will be rebranded as AUGIWorld.
  • The A/E/C content will remain, the articles and columns that have been embraced by our subscribers and the industry will continue.
  • New industry content such as Civil and Manufacturing will be added.
  • AUGIWorld will increase publication to monthly.
  • AUGI | AEC Edge will cease title publication however all past issues will remain available online.

Everything that was great about AUGI | AEC Edge will continue, just under the AUGIWorld masthead. Feature content topics will be expanded in the future to include regular Civil and Manufacturing sections. Distribution via email notification to all opt-in subscribers will be increaseing from the 90,000 AUGI | AEC EDGE subscribers to 130,000 AUGIWorld subscribers.

And all content will be available online via the new AUGI Library. We look forward to the expanded reach of AUGI membership content.


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