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RTCUSA - AUGI at the event

AUGI joined the supporters of the Revit Technology Conference USA at the event in Huntington Beach California.  We have a booth and are encouraging membership and benefits of joining AUGI with the almost 300 or so oattenders of the three day event.

At the half way point most of the over 60 speakers have presented on one topic or another.  The range of topics covers all things BIM and Revit with flavors of Architectural, Structural and MEP flowing through it all.

There are classes covering Urban Design, Planning for BIM, HR and BIM, Process change management, BIM beyond documentation...  so many more that the list could become very long.  Each presentations is well attended and focused on delivering real value in the information passed on.

RTC USA is the first effort on US soil by the team that has been doing it in Australia for several years.  From the looks of the event and the feedback we are getting - it is a success.

AUGI has been able to connect with existing members and garner new members along the way.  We have small booth at the event and were able to provide conference "satchels" (as they call them) for the entire group.  

From yesterdays opening welcome by Wesley Benn and the Keynote by Carl Bass the event has been focused, intimate, dedicated to sharing info and interacting with every person on every level.  Some much to share and so much to learn.  

You can follow along with the #RTCUSA hash tag on Twitter or the Facebook page


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