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RTCUSA - After the Event

So many things could be said about the Revit Technology Conference but one things stands out from the rest...

Let's do this again next year!

AUGI was pleased to be part of the inagural event in the US and we look forward to a continued relationship with RTC.

From start to finish, the event was packed with top notch teaching, empowering conversations and networking with the Revit power users from all over the planet.  Hundreds of attendees interacted for several days sharing great conversations, great food in a fantastic venue.

The whole event was topped off with Jim Balding presenting "Glorious Gadgets" which gave us all a glimpse into the possible and probable futre of Design Technology.

If you missed the event, look for more information on the next opportunity to connect with the bests in Revit then check in at http://www.revitconference.com.au/rtc2011us/ to stay connected.


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