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AUGI Annual Salary Survey is now Open

It is the time of year when we once again poll our membership about salaries, benefits, job security and more. The results of the 10th Annual AUGI Salary Survey will be presented in the September issue of AUGIWorld Magazine, and we’ll also take a look back at how these numbers may have changed in the past decade.

You’ll notice that we have added a couple of (optional) questions since last year. With this extra feedback, we should all be able to gain some insight into the state of the industry and how it may have been affected by the local and global economy.

So that this year's review can provide measurable and meaningful data, it is important that all AUGI members volunteer a couple of minutes of their time and a little bit of information (which is collected anonymously and will only be presented in broad groups), so that everyone in the organization can get an idea of the current pay and working conditions of their industry.

Please don’t delay! The deadline for participating in the survey is 11:59pm August 19th, 2011 PST US.


If you have any questions, please first refer to the FAQ.

Watch for the results in the September Issue of AUGIWorld.


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