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AUGIWorld November 2011 is Now Available!

AUGI is pleased to announce our November Issue of AUGIWorld is now available for download via PDF and online via digital edition.
AUGIWorld Do you prefer off-site, instructor-led, immersion-style training or would you rather lunch and learn? Do you like to be sequestered with your co-workers for half-day training sessions in the office or would you rather learn online at the time (and place) of your choosing? You want to read a book or watch a training video? Training methods are as diverse as the trainees themselves and this issue of AUGIWorld breaks down the various forms of training, offers some pro and con, and discusses sure-fire strategies that those in charge of training can employ for maximum effect.  Juan Soto offers advice on training AutoCAD Civil 3D in “Increase Your Chances for Training Success.”  In “CAD Management: 10 Ways to Train,” author Brian Andresen illustrates some familiar—and not so familiar—ways to bring training to the masses. And Walt Sparling reminds us how critical it is to engage in ongoing training in his article “The Domino Effect.”

How do you take your training?

Also in the November issue of AUGIWorld:
  • How to Become the CAD “Go-To” Guy – Want to be the worker that seems to have the answer for every single issue or problem in AutoCAD? Author Murray Clack shows you how.
  • Wicked Problems in Construction – The BUILT series continues as James Salmon highlights wicked problems in the construction industry and, of course, offers some wicked solutions.
  • Jump Start BIM: A CADworks MEP BIM Integration Suite Product Review – Todd Shackelford reviews this cloud-based solution, designed to help small and medium-sized engineering firms and contractors migrate from CAD to BIM.
  • Navisworks: From Design to Construction and Back – Michael Smith lays out a blueprint for indoctrinating both design and project teams in the use of BIM technologies. Here’s how Navisworks can help.
  • Navigating the Library Assembly Minefield – Are you annoyed by frequent requests to save when using assemblies in a library? Well, author Scott Moyse was, and set out to fix it. Follow along.
  • Training the Technical MEP User – Industry veteran David Butts provides a no-nonsense approach to training technical users. Think how, what, and when.
  • Revit Structure, Under the Hood – A comprehensive look at Autodesk Revit Structure from Jeremiah Bowles. Know that success with Revit Structure begins with a change in your thinking.
  • The Learning Curve – Whether you want to hang with your fellow 3ds Max users in an online community or step up and get Autodesk certification, Dario Passariello can tell you where to start.
  • Understanding Parametric Constraints – Melinda Heavrin offers this step-by-step tutorial on parametric constraints in AutoCAD Architecture.
  • Know Your Navisworks Files – In order to collaborate effectively, you have to know your files. Bill Campbell takes you inside Navisworks files and offers some timely tips for data sharing.
  • The Five Stages of Revit Users – Jason Grant takes you through the growing stages—and growing pains—of training in the Revit platform.
  • Revit Training: The Right Step Forward – Arm yourself with information to create effective training for others and to get training for yourself.

Also in this issue...
  • 13 Questions with Autodesk’s Katie Langan – Autodesk’s product support specialist for AEC, Katie Langan, seems to be everywhere—blogging, problem solving, helping customers, and communicating information among key teams. 
  • Inside Track – The latest Autodesk and related software items.
  • Heads Up – Updates, Service Packs, and more.

Read the November issue of AUGIWorld for 2011. Click here today!


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