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AUGI HotNews January 2012 is Now Available!


 AUGI HotNews January 2012

In this issue of HotNews:

HotNews is looking for writers  - HotNews is AUGI’s monthly email based newsletter. Its goal is to keep our members up to date with what is going on in AUGI and to present our resources to our members. We are currently looking to focus our content on industry specific articles and are looking for writers to help out. If you are interested in writing for AUGI HotNews please contact the HotNews Production Manager.


* President's Letter - 2012 January - Happy New Year! What's in store for AUGI members in 2012? A lot, as it turns out.If that didn’t get you excited about 2012 and all that it has in store for you, then I guess I just have to go into the details! AUGI is poised to do some pretty cool things this year and all of it is member driven and guided by the AUGI Board of Directors...


* TIPniques: Dr. Who and the CAD Manager Part 2 - More time traveling with Patrick Hughes and Doctor Who. Lessons from the past are still relevant today. Welcome back! It was an exciting return trip after I dropped you off last month. I didn’t have quite enough battery power to make it to my destination, but fortunately I landed in a shopping mall outside of Miami that had those new car chargers available.

* CAD Management: Happy Old Year - Examining what you learned in 2011 will get you ready to tackle 2012. While many have been wishing you a Happy New Year, I would like to wish you a Happy Old Year.  The Old Year will be great.  The coming Old Year will provide so much for you.  What we can expect from the Old Year will enrich our lives...

* Sponsor Spotlight: Boost Productivity with HP Performance Advisor - Optimize effortlessly with the HP Performance Advisor.Working smarter and faster are keys to bringing high-quality products to market. Any system performance issues can greatly cut into your productivity—and your ability to deliver solutions on time and on budget.

Read the December issue of HotNews Now! Click here today!


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