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Where did you 1st hear about AUGI?

Do you remember how you first heard about @AUGI #augi ? Please voice it by clicking the Quick Survey Poll located on the right-hand side on augi.com home page


I did not see the option for "how I first heard about AUGI" in the list so I did not answer the survey.
It was actually NAAUG that I found out about in a brochure in the box of software. So before we were in the Help menu we were in the box.
To be very specific, I first heard about AUGI when I was on the board of directors and we changed the name from NAAUG - North American Autodesk User Group - to AUGI - Autodesk User Group International. I was the last president of NAAUG and the first president of AUGI because I was there for the name change.

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