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Board of Director Nominations Open

The AUGI Board of Directors is currently taking nominations for the three year term that begins in January 2016 and lasts through December 2018.

What is the Board and what do they do?

  • The Board of Directors is the governing body for AUGI.
  • They are involved in long-range planning, high level management and most importantly, positive member interactions.
  • The board is responsible for the overarching direction of the organization.
  • The Board possesses a passion for Autodesk products and services and they are committed to sharing knowledge amongst the AUGI membership.

Specific goals for the organization vary from year to year, but the underlying theme – that AUGI is all about users helping users – is constant. The AUGI Board of Directors consists of a minimum of 6 up to a maximum of 10 Directors (it has been kept at 9 in recent years). Each Director serves a three year term.Members of the AUGI Board of Directors share common ground and a common goal:

  • A commitment to our members.
  • A focus on the BIG picture and long term international growth.
  • A focus on the values behind our programs.
  • The assertion of perspectives, beliefs and concerns. They do not sit back with no comment or input. Participation is key to this role.
  • An understanding of the value of volunteers, delegation of tasks and allowing others to make decisions under the umbrella of the board's oversight.

Members of the AUGI Board participate in a teleconference at least once per month and meet in person two to three times a year. One or two of these face-to-face meetings may take place at Autodesk corporate locations. The final takes place at Autodesk University for our Annual Meeting.

Who can submit a nomination?

Any current member in good standing may submit a nomination for the Board of Directors. Self nominations are also allowed.

Who can I nominate?

Each name submitted must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be a member in good standing for at least one year; and 
  • Be a current officer of a Local User Group or User Group Association; and
  • Show verifiable qualifications of managerial and business skills or project management skills by submitting at least 3 letters of recommendation regarding management or project experience. Contact information shall be provided for each recommendation; or 
  • Complete at least one year of AUGI volunteering with a recognized AUGI program; or 
  • Complete at least one year in the chairing of any recognized AUGI program.

All Candidates will be evaluated based on their understanding and agreement with Board policy, procedure, operational organization and philosophical outlook.

What will the nominee have to do?

The Nominees will need to submit the following information:

  • Name 
  • Company 
  • Address 
  • Phone 
  • Email 
  • Digital photo (preferably with a white background) 
  • Qualification Statement (min 100 words, max 600) – namely a “where, how and why” statement; that is, “where” do you see yourself best fitting in; “how” you would fill this specific area and “why” you should be selected.

For those who will be included on the ballot, their name, photo and statement will be posted on the Elections page of the AUGI web site.

How do I nominate someone (or myself)?

To run for a position on the AUGI Board of Directors, send your nomination using the prescribed form listed below to board.elections@augi.com.

Download the Board of Directors' Nomination Form (PDF)

All nominations must be received by midnight (CST) Nov. 04, 2015, in order to be considered on the ballot. The Nomination and Elections committee will review the nominations and seek approval by the full board for the names of those nominees that will be included on the ballot. (The N&E committee is chaired by a Director, but, comprised of other AUGI volunteers, for a balanced assessment.)

How will the voting be conducted?

Voting will begin December 2nd, 2015 and be open through midnight (CST) December 16th, 2015. Results will be made available as soon as possible but no later than December 21st, 2015. Winners will be notified via mail or phone. Public notification will be provided both on the AUGI Web site, Blaugi, and in AUGI HotNews. For information on voting procedures, visit the Bylaws section on our Web site. If you have any questions about the AUGI Board elections process, contact the Nominating Committee at board.elections@augi.com.

Keep in mind…

Please consider that the Board of Directors may meet face to face up to 3 times a year with one meeting coinciding with Autodesk University. These face to face meetings may take 4 days or more of your time (these may include time away both during the workweek and possibly Saturday and Sunday). The AU meetings may take even more time away from home. Other meetings will be scheduled between January and June. Board members' typical travel costs for meetings will be reimbursed by AUGI.

There are monthly conference calls for which you are expected to prepare in advance and actively participate in. The conference calls are currently scheduled for the third Saturday of the month for approximately 2 hours, but have been known to exceed that duration. The times of these meetings may vary based on the board members' location.

Board members are also encouraged to attend Local User Groups or Associations in their area, local events, and other AUGI and Autodesk functions as a representative of AUGI. Board members may also be serving in other areas as volunteers where they are subject to the timeline and demands of the projects in which they are involved.


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