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AU 2015 is Right Around the Corner

With AU 2015 quickly approaching there are going to be many AU 'newbies' that are excited and nervous about their upcoming trip. I just recently had a long Skype discussion with a fellow AUGI member and author about this year's trip to AU, his first. Like any new attendee, he was curious to what it was like and what to expect. Below are some answers to common questions newcomers often ask.

What about food?
If you plan your day right, you can survive off the meals and snacks provided for free. Below is what I have experienced over the last three years.

Breakfast 6:30-8:00am:
Each morning before the classes start there is a breakfast served in a very large dining hall. Think of sitting down to eat with about 8,000+ folks. You will find a variety of offerings that will include carbs, and proteins as well as juices and coffee.

Lunch 12:00-1:30pm:
Back to the big dining room, for more proteins, carbs, and veggies to round out your fuel intake.

Dinner 6:00-9:00pm:
Dinner is a little different, as there is no sit down serving. The main exhibit hall opens Tuesday evening where you can find food and drink stations spread throughout the booths that include a pretty decent variety of food and desert items. And the drink stations have beer and wine.

In between classes, spread through the large corridors there will be coffee, soft drinks water and lots of carbs in sweets and fruits. One year there were ice cream bars!! Yummy...

What do I wear?
This is a professional event, so beach wear is not recommended, and can be chilly too. Business casual is a safe bet, but jeans and polos with sneakers are common. Think about the networking opportunities and how you want to present yourself, but keep "comfy" in mind - you will be on your feet a lot! If you plan on going outside at all, bring some warm clothes as it can get pretty cold in the desert in December.

What is the Schedule like?
Your schedule will vary greatly by what classes, and events you attend as well as what vendors you wish to visit.  On the AU site, you can see the daily agenda for classes, special events and the two big, important events - the AUGI reception after the AUGI annual meeting (a must see) and the big Autodesk party Thursday night. Plan on sleeping in after that one! 

During the week, in the evenings, vendors, resellers and individuals will have parties at various clubs and hotel suites. If you get invited, go, these are great networking opportunities.  With everything going on, you are likely to be awake from 5:00am to 11:00pm each day, so get some sleep before Tuesday!

Look forward to seeing you all in Vegas!!



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