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BILT ASIA 2017, Singapore, 30 March - 1 April

I'm very excited to join this international conference which focuses not only on the BIM technology and its latest developments, but also on tackling the issues which can arise during its practical application.

I come to this conference with seven years’ experience in the architecture and construction industry and I've witnessed firsthand the importance, value and rapid growth of BIM technology over the last few years. My current role in the industry is strongly connected with the use of BIM and I can see that companies in this industry often face issues that prevent them to fully exploit its benefits.


Of the three days of classes, I'm particularly interested in those which focus on the implementation and the holistic integration of BIM within the organizations in the industry. The 'Implementing BIM in Your Organization' and 'Start Your Engines: Keys to Implementing a Smooth Transition to BIM' classes, for example, look to be centering on one of the key issues I come across - namely, resistance to wider BIM adoption. I'm very interested to learn useful strategies that I can use and help companies see the real benefits of BIM and breakaway from less efficient processes they have been using.

In my role as a consultant, I'm keenly aware that various stakeholders must have a clear understanding of each other from the initial stages of project formation through to project completion. I realize that this is the real strength of BIM and hope to gain further insights into how the technology is advancing in this respect. I'm very interested to attend 'Engagement Principles and Making It Work'; 'The Curious Case Of Customizing BIM Execution Plan'; and, 'BIM Review Procedure for Successful Project Delivery', to gain such insights.

Additionally, I hope develop my understanding of the merits of BIM from the perspective of the owners. This section of the industry must see the benefit of BIM and therefore I wish to attend classes on 'Customizing BIM Strategy for Real Estate Project Development Cost' and the 'BIM+FM Case Study: Sydney Opera House BIM Interface Project'.


The wide ranging sessions delivered by industry experts make this 2017 BILT ASIA conference very appealing. Not only am I keen to use this opportunity to learn how to combat some of the issue I face in my role in the industry, but I'm interested to learn about the wider applications of BIM into the future. I'm sure this conference will be invaluable to my BIM education.


Shakudo-san, I am looking forward to the next report.

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