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BILT NA 2017 - Last day

I enjoyed the keynote speaker for this year, David Rendall. It's great to be encouraged to be yourself, to recognize the strengths in your weaknesses. Every weakness has its strengths and every strength has its weaknesses. Recognize yours and find others who are strong where you’re weak; working together will give balance and the best results.

At one point durring BILT, I was asked  what my interests were, what were the sessions I'm taking. When I smiled and said standards, I received a sigh of dread and boredom (I guess that's where I fill in for someone else's weaknesses). For me, standards are an ever changing puzzle, a real mind twister. For others, it's a poke in the eye with a needle. I tend to be a little passionate about it.

In light of this and my first Augi blog "BILT NA 2017 - 3 days and counting", it should be no surprise for you when I say my favorite sessions so far were about training and maintaining standards. I picked up tips on training staff and maintaining standards/good practices. A large part of maintaining standards are sharing them in ways that will be best remembered and easily accessible when forgotten.

I've also gone to Common Language BIM level 2, Lessons Learned Over the Past Eight Years in the UK. It was interesting to hear from firsthand experience. I can almost hear you sigh and say, "good, more standards..." For BIM Level 2, there are a lot of standards across many groups of people but the key seems to be having common understanding.  I find the amount of acronyms in these professions amazing. Anyone want to guess what LOD means? I'm sure everyone can think of two field related options right away. "Level of Development" and "Level of Detail". Having common language helps to remove those basic confusions.

Did I mention that BILT is a great place for networking? Shortly after finding a few guest speakers for our local BIM group and listening about coding with Dynamo (which was over my head) I meet someone who said he'd help me understand a few basic of Dynamos. That's part of his passions, he's taught sessions on Dynamo before. I'm super excited about that and I hope there is time. I'm such a nerd.

I've got a run now, lunch has started and I'm hungry.


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