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AUGIWorld November 2018 -- Never Stop Learning

AUGIWorld November 2018
As AUGI members know, continued education and training in their respective industries and associated technology is necessary and never ending. Witness the hundreds of Autodesk product users, many of them AUGI members, who travel to Autodesk University every year to attend the workshops, forge new professional relationships, and check out the technology offerings. And when it isn’t “AU time,” these professionals are busy looking for other opportunities to expand their skills and advance their careers through ongoing education.

The November 2018 issue of AUGIWorld focuses on the topic of training and education, and there is something for everyone—tips for those conducting training and assistance for those seeking it. So dive in!

In the November 2018 issue:

Inside Autodesk Certified Instructor Training — Todd Rogers, who is an Autodesk Certified Instructor (ACI), provides advice on the how to get involved with the ACI program.

How Do I Learn InfraWorks? — Oscar Castaneda shows users how to get started with InfraWorks and where to find some great learning resources.

Identify Your Training Needs — Gareth Spencer invites those charged with education and training for their employees to strategize on the best approach and style.

Not Your Typical Education and Training — Brian Chapman introduces some non-traditional resources for 3ds Max training.

Can We Talk? Being Interactive — Mark Kiker suggests one of the best ways to learn something new is to get out and talk to people—whether at an event, your office, even your home.

How Do YOU Learn? — Shaun Bryant discusses the various ways users can advance their skills with training—from typical instructor-led classroom, to online classroom, to events and written material.

The “Not So” Easy Button — Nathan Mulder uses one of his projects to demonstrate the work that goes into functionality available at the push of a button.

Communication Management — Walt Sparling explains why any successful project begins, progresses, and ends with communication in its many forms.

Dearest Small & Medium AEC Firms: Restructuring for BIM Success (Now) Applies to You — Jay B. Zallan explains that to be successful with BIM, users need to leave their CAD comfort zones and transform.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen with three new AEC-related offerings from Autodesk and partners. This month: BIM Track, an issue tracking platform that boasts many new features; Cloudsfer, a cloud migration service; and Sketch Checker, an add-in that helps identify points where a sketch is not properly closed.

AUGIWorld November 2018 Issue Released!


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