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AUGIWorld December 2018 -- Prepare for 2019

AUGIWorld December 2018
Goodbye, 2018. Now what? To hit the ground running in 2019 you’ll need a game plan, and a peek at the future wouldn’t hurt, either. In the December 2018 issue, AUGIWorld authors provide a look at trends, evolving roles, preparing for BIM success, and lessons learned.

Enjoy what’s left of this year and get ready for the next with these offerings.

In the December 2018 issue:

Planning for the Future with Civil 3D and Bentley — Brian Chapman discusses the benefits to be gained from an Autodesk/Bentley agreement that gives users of the respective products the ability to combine workflows using their different programs along with API systems.

The Evolution of BIM Coordinator — Philip Russo reflects on the role of BIM Coordinator, as it looks today and how it is evolving.

Six Questions You Don’t Want to Hear from Your Boss — Mark Kiker explains how to avoid a half-dozen unpleasant conversations with your manager.

Restructuring for BIM Success — Jay B. Zallan expands on last month’s article about how firms of any size can put themselves in a position to succeed with BIM.

Realistic, Interactive, Real-Time Visualization — Brian Chapman explores the use of the Unreal Engine and Datasmith for creating interactive content for multimedia purposes.

Project Management and Lessons Learned — Walt Sparling emphasizes the importance of formally documenting lessons learned during projects.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents four new products from Autodesk partners. This month: CopyFamilySharedParam, an application that permits users to copy multiple shared parameters from one Revit family to another; AUGmentecture, a plug-in that lets users upload 3D models from Revit to their AUG account for viewing on mobile devices; NoGestures, an app that enables the use of the right mouse button to pan and orbit the viewport; and Clean & Fix, a plug-in for cleaning and enhancement of AutoCAD blueprints.

Thank You! — AUGI expresses gratitude for the tireless effort of its volunteers in 2018.

AUGIWorld December 2018 Issue Released!


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