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AUGIWorld February 2019 -- First steps

AUGIWorld February 2019
You’re fresh out of school and ready to begin your career, or you have years of experience and are being introduced to new software. In either scenario, you are a beginner. And, as a beginner, you will benefit from the advice of those who’ve been there before.

The February 2019 issue of AUGIWorld will get you on the right track when creating Revit families, working in 3ds Max, exploring InfraWorks, and more. Dive in and enjoy.

In the February 2019 issue:

New Year’s Resolutions: Effectively Training the Masses — Kevin Sanders demonstrates how to develop a training plan that is expandable, repeatable, and fits almost any size firm.

Starting a Revit Family — Gareth Spencer helps those new to Revit Structure with this exploration of family creation, modification, libraries, and more.

The Modifier Editor — Brian Chapman discusses 3ds Max fundamentals, such as modifiers the Modifier Editor.

Start, Stop, Continue — Mark Kiker presents a highly effective way for teams to address strategic planning.

Exploring Annotations in ACA — Melinda Heavrin with a comprehensive look at AutoCAD Architecture 2019 annotations: keynotes, notes and labels, callouts, and much more.

InfraWorks for Beginners — Tony Carcamo offers new users an introduction to InfraWorks, including tips for road design and importing GIS data.

To Host or Not to Host — Nathan Mulder weighs the benefits of hosted and unhosted families in Revit MEP.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents five new AEC-related products. This month: Repair, an app for cleaning and correcting AutoCAD files; Chainage, which allows creation of chainage/station marks; Dynamo for Autodesk Fusion 360 supports bidirectional data exchange between Fusion 360 and Dynamo Studio; MaxMounts Pro 2.0, 3ds Max maxscript for creating mountains, terrains and other features; and Dimensions by Line, a plug-in that lets users place dimensions on the plan or section view along the conditional line formed by two indicated points.

AUGIWorld February 2019 Issue Released!


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