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AUGIWorld March 2019 -- It's Tips & Tricks Time!

AUGIWorld March 2019
Few topics spark interest among Autodesk product users like tips & tricks. We comb the Internet in search of these little timesavers, attend AU sessions that focus on them, and hop from forum to forum in hopes of picking up some new gems and sharing some of our own.

If tips & tricks is your thing, then the March 2019 issue of AUGIWorld will please you. Here, our authors share some of their favorites.

In the March 2019 issue:

Tips ‘n’ Tricks — Shawn Herring uncovers some AutoCAD Civil 3D tools that are often overlooked.

Accelerate Design — Matt Wunch helps you speed design in InfraWorks with these tips on adjusting building heights using aerial images, and more.

Increasing Revit Productivity and Efficiencies — Kenn Farr gets you familiar with keyboard shortcuts in Revit Structure.

Beyond the Blank Page: Generative Design and the Future of the AEC Industry — Anthony A. Hauck discusses why generative design is vital to the growth of AEC.

Tips That Never Get Old — Brian Chapman offers up five tips to improve the 3ds Max experience.

New Manager: What Do I Do Now? — Mark Kiker helps new managers figure out their next steps.

Working with Schedule Tables — Melinda Heavrin defines some terms, then dives into a lesson on using Schedule Tables in AutoCAD Architecture 2019.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents new and enhanced AEC-related products. This month: CAD Monkey Lite, which takes care of tasks such as xref creation and linking drawings, thus freeing time for architects, engineers, and designers; Smart Unhide Elements lets you unhide elements simply; and ID Spec Plugin allows users to create an electrical power plan with the architectural layout of the building in the background.

AUGIWorld March 2019 Issue Released!


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