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AUGIWorld April 2019 -- Collaboration at your fingertips

AUGIWorld April 2019
A quick search online will reveal how Webster defines collaboration, but what does collaboration look like in the real world? What resources are available to facilitate a true team approach in AEC?

Begin with the tools inside Autodesk products that enable collaboration, discussed by our experts in the April 2019 issue of AUGIWorld.

In the April 2019 issue:

3ds Max Collaboration with Shared Views — Brian Chapman discusses how Shared Views in 3ds Max enable efficient sharing of work for review and comment.

Quality Control Views Are a Must — Philip Russo stresses the importance of having established views that are set up for quality review, as well as the associated view templates and filters.

Documented Workflows: A Key Collaboration Tool — Mark A. Conway on the subject of documented workflows, which he believes provide a standard for drawing consistency, a stable guide for project collaboration between departments, and a tool for training or retraining mind and muscle memory for incoming associates.

What Should I Stop Doing? — Last month, Mark Kiker wrote about what tech managers should start doing. This time he looks at the flip side—the mindsets and activities tech managers should stop.

Using Layers for Collaboration — Sam Lucido illustrates how the proper use of layers in AutoCAD can facilitate collaboration.

Collaborate in InfraWorks — Tony Carcamo discusses how site models can easily be shared to help streamline the approval process during preliminary site design, analysis, and construction phases of a project.

BIM 360 for Collaboration — Dominique Majon reminds us how far we’ve come with regard to sharing designs, and explains how BIM 360 allows for more efficient collaboration among all stakeholders.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents new and enhanced AEC-related products. This month: ngSkin Tools, a skinning plug-in for Autodesk Maya; Relink Bitmaps, a script to relink missing files when they change directories or you move computers; and BlackBox ViewportGrip, which allows AutoCAD users to choose how the Centroid & Viewport grip behave.

AUGIWorld April 2019 Issue Released!


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