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AUGIWorld July 2019 -- Third-Party Helpers

AUGIWorld July 2019
Autodesk’s long history of support for innovation among its user base has resulted in scores of third-party offerings designed to improve efficiency or extend the functionality of Autodesk products.

These third-party applications can be found at the Autodesk App Store and elsewhere on the Internet and can be yours free of charge in some cases or at a reasonable price.

The July 2019 issue of AUGIWorld highlights a number of offerings that have caught the eyes of our experts.

In the July 2019 issue:

Extending the Functionality of Revit — Nathan Mulder looks at RF Tools, a third-party add-in that provides the MEP consultant with functionality and support.

The eTransmit Add-In — Jason Lush explores file sharing with eTransmit. The versatility of this product streamlines Revit file sharing among team members and others.

Productivity Apps for Civil 3D — Tony Carcamo, searching for time savings with no sacrifice in accuracy or efficiency, focuses on the Red Transit Pipe Network Productivity Suite.

Third-Party Help for 3ds Max — Brian Chapman spotlights the work of independent artists and smaller teams who have made working in 3ds Max easier with their third-party apps.

The First Law of Tech Motion — With a nod to Sir Isaac Newton, author Mark Kiker expresses his love for change and reminds us of the need to move forward.

How an RC Car Taught Me To Be a Better CAD Manager — Jisell Howe shares a CAD manager’s approach to process improvement.

Epic Visualization with Twinmotion — Todd Rogers focuses on presentation with Twinmotion, recently acquired for Unreal Engine 4. Here, see the workflow from InfraWorks to Twinmotion and the results.

Quest for Hidden Efficiencies — Jay B. Zallan talks naming organization, one key to efficiency and effectiveness.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents new and enhanced AEC-related products. This month: Sweep Profile for a quick build of architectural profiles; Scatter, a random number generator; Free Copy or Move, a plug-in that allows users to make changes while copying or moving objects; Advanced Revision Cloud, advanced tools for managing revision clouds in Revit; and Trimsplit, which enables a streamlined workflow when working with 3ds solids.

AUGIWorld July 2019 Issue Released!


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