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AUGIWorld August 2019 -- Well-done, well-run project management

AUGIWorld August 2019
The value of good project management cannot be overrated. It starts with strategy and planning, ends with successful completion, and calls for keen oversight of everything in between.

The August 2019 issue of AUGIWorld seeks to enlighten project managers and others with tips for effective management.

In the August 2019 issue:

Managing with Shotgun — Brian Chapman discusses Autodesk Shotgun, a project management solution, and how it can help designers using 3ds Max and other software.

4 Thing to Know About Revit and Project Management — Dillon Mitchell serves up a quartet of considerations for managing Revit MEP projects.

The Second Law of Tech Motion — Last month, Mark Kiker presented the First Law of Tech Motion and now follows with his Second Law on smart ways to push technology advancement.

Virtual Design and Construction Project Management — With changes in design workflow come changes in project management. Author Joshua Geimecke elaborates.

Loading a Civil 3D Project to Autodesk Vault — Bryson Anderson steps you through the Civil 3D-to-Vault import process.

On Putting the “I” Into Revit, BIM | 01: Getting Rid of “Text” — Jay B. Zallan demonstrates how to create a multi-category tag, which will reduce text significantly.

A Practical Grading Workflow — With the help of some concepts gleaned from online sources, Brian Johnson presents a grading workflow.

What Is a CIM Manager — Todd Rogers defines CIM (Construction/Civil Information Modeling) management, and discusses its purpose and future.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents new and enhanced AEC-related products. This month: A tool for replicating Legend/View on sheets; Easy Attach, for attaching documents directly on blueprints; and Light Distribution, a tool for distributing lighting fixtures and devices, including communication devices.

AUGIWorld August 2019 Issue Released!


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