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The Future of AUGI is You!

Dear AUGI member,

The AUGI Board of Directors would like you to know that AUGI is finalizing a restructuring of its partnership with Autodesk. The eventual result of this will be that the organization will legally be known only as “AUGI”, which is what we have generally been known as since the early 90’s anyway. To achieve this corporation name change the organization must change its Certificate of Incorporation filed with the State of Delaware, which is where the organization is incorporated.

The next step is a vote by the membership where the action to change the name of the organization from Autodesk User Group International, to AUGI, can be approved. This email is the official notice to the membership that a vote will occur on Oct 3rd 2019. The voting period will be open for 24 hours beginning Oct 3, 2019 at 7am ET.

Once the vote opens you can visit the AUGI website, log in and click the link on the home page to participate in this important vote for your organization.

AUGI Board of Directors


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