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AUGIWorld January 2020 -- AUGIWorld Authors Select the Year's Best

AUGIWorld January 2020
Some things are worth repeating. In the January 2020 issue of AUGIWorld, our authors select their best work from 2019. Readers can enjoy for the second (or first) time, tips & tricks for 3ds Max and Civil 3D, the benefits of a local user group and how to establish one, programming tips, and more.

In the January 2020 issue:

Tips That Never Get Old — Brian Chapman offers up five tips to improve the 3ds Max experience.

Tips ‘n’ Tricks — Shawn Herring uncovers some AutoCAD Civil 3D tools that are often overlooked.

Please, Don’t (Just) Blame the Tech — Kelly Cone takes a critical look at the AEC industry and challenges all involved to be voices for change.

It Takes a Village — Rick Gauthier and Adam Munoz provide all you need to know to start an Autodesk user group.

Revit API Starter Kit — David Raynor presents a starter kit for programming. Dynamo figures in, as do Macros and Add-ins.

Spending Money — Mark Kiker with the third in a series of articles on how to develop a formal strategic plan. This month: tech budgets and spending.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents new and enhanced AEC-related products. This month: V-RayMtl Converter for automating the conversion of materials and other scene components; Equation Driven Curve, an add-in that creates 3D curves from user-supplied parametric equations; and Clash Preventor, a Revit add-in that allows users to run crash prevention tests while they work.

AUGIWorld January 2020 Issue Released!


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