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AUGIWorld February 2020 -- Start Using Your Software Today!

AUGIWorld February 2020
You have the software now, so what’s next? Using it! Every single user is a beginner when they initially start and in this issue some of our authors take a stab of exposing some “baby steps” for you as you fire up that latest version of your favorite software.

The February 2020 issue has some great insight for you on a variety of topics. Download or read it online today!

In the February 2020 issue:

3ds Max with V-Ray and Unreal Engine — Brian Chapman fires up a Unreal Engine with 3ds Max’s V-Ray and explains how you can leverage this latest plugin for virtual reality renders.

What Have I Done for You Lately — Mark Kiker shares his thoughts on keeping track of what you do and what you learn and what you achieve!

BIM360 Collaboration for Civil 3D — Bryson Anderson hits the road with the newest solution for collaboration with AutoCAD Civil 3D. Don’t be stuck in a traffic jam, explore the world at large!

Inside Track — Brian Andresen is telling us about what is coming from Global e-Training with their “GeT Know-How” Solutions. He then solves the logjam with Chamfer and Fillet Lite solutions from Autodesk within Revit. And then he rises to new heights with Balloon Number from Birdtools Developers for AutoCAD platform. Get those numbers to be consecutive-

Exploring Nested Families for Revit MEP — Andrea Alderton goes spelunking for nested families in Revit MEP and how to edit them within the Revit Family Editor interface. Don‘t be afraid, it’s not dark in here!

External References in AutoCAD Architecture — Melinda Heavrin returns to AUGIWorld to talk about Xrefs in ACA and using the built-in pallet for managing these excellent time savers! If you have not used external references lately you are missing out!

Creating Great Revit | A Methodology — Jay Zallan breaks down what to think about before you go and try to develop your own means and methods for making Revit great for you and your firm.

AUGIWorld February 2020 Issue Released!


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