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AUGIWorld March 2020 -- Tips and Tricks for 2020!

AUGIWorld March 2020
March Madness is upon us! As we get ready for the new releases to roll out, we have had a full year to gather tips and tricks from users with the 2020 versions. The authors have been working hard to gather this month’s greats.

The March 2020 issue will guide you in a variety of helpful hints to possibly make your daily workflow easier. Download or read it online today!

In the March 2020 issue:

3ds Max Pro Tip: Use Custom Modifiers — Brian Chapman covers the creation of custom modifiers to eliminate steps that are traditionally done through the modifier stack, by combining actions into a single, custom tool.

Create Your Own Photo to 3D Mesh App Using Autodesk Forge — Ethyn Roux walks us through how to create a custom app on the Autodesk Forge platform that will allow a user to create a photoscene to 3D image application.

Tip and Tricks Using AutoCAD 2020 — Sam “The Man” Lucido shares a few of his favorite tips and tricks he has gathered this past year using AutoCAD 2020!

Putting it All Together — Oscar Canstaneda has put it all together in this article about using InfraWorks as an aggregator of data. This article will walk you through aggregating point clouds, corridors, and other 3D elements into an InfraWorks model using massive amounts of data into a full infrastructure project.

Revit Tips and Tricks for the Non-Power User — Jason Peters dives into the realm of the non-power users in Revit. He gives the users another level of experience using his latest tips and tricks for the beginners!

Revit Build Machine (Part 1) — Travis Head’s part 1 for building a power machine that will not break the bank! He explains in detail the hardware needed to boost your production, and run the software without maxing out that processor!

Inside Track — Brian Andresen wants you to check out the latest opportunities to advance your skills, processes, and workflows in your firm using the most current AEC-related software and hardware updates available.

Running on Empty — Tips for Refilling Your Tech Tank — Mark Kiker lays out the groundwork for refilling your Tech Tank. This article is all about YOU, and what YOU can do for YOURSELF! Take Mark’s tips on staying up on trending innovative ideas to help fill your tech tank.

AUGIWorld March 2020 Issue Released!


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