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AUGIWorld September 2020 -- Salary Survey 2020

AUGIWorld September 2020
The wait is over. The most anticipated edition of AUGIWorld magazine, the Salary Survey edition!

All our data comes directly from you, our AUGI members. This is a great way to compare your salaries and job conditions to others in your field. We have even heard of members who have used the Salary Survey to obtain salary increases! This year we had some additional Covid-19 related survey questions. Melanie Stone pours her heart and soul into managing this survey every year, and we again applaud her efforts with this edition!

In the September 2020 issue:

Harness the Power of GIS in Civil 3D, Revit & Beyond — James “StarLordJames” Lord takes us on a journey through using GIS in multiple platforms. There are so many ways to use GIS data, from creating maps, analyzing the data, and even creating apps.

Civil 3D Survey Tools — Shawn Herring brings us, none other than, SURVEY tools in Civil 3D. GIS Data is also key to most Civil projects. What does GIS stand for? GET IT SURVEYED!

Digital Magician — As usual, Brian Chapman brings us the best in 3ds Max. Magicians; they want to show you the trick but not exactly every part of how they are doing it. Only the savviest of viewers will recognize how critical a step might be and be able to call out their “sleight-of-hand”. In the end, those who persist can learn the tricks of the trade and receive their reward.

What Computer Do I Need to Work with Point Clouds in Revit — Another first time AUGI author, Chris Parker, tells us about several experiments that were conducted to show what would be the best scenario for you, the user. When working in Revit there is an official computer system requirements guidance from Autodesk and a large community of users who can advise on choosing a right PC for a particular task.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen shows us a few nice opportunities to advance our skills, processes and workflows in our firms using the most current AEC related software and hardware updates that are available.

The Best is Yet to Come — Mark Kiker gets us thinking about if we make enough money or not. And, if we don’t, are we happy where we are? Look at the positives. Think back to when you were most happy in your work (and it might be right now). Review the niceties that you have going for you at your work.

AUGIWorld September 2020 Issue Released!


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