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AUGIWorld November 2020 -- Education and Training

AUGIWorld November 2020
This topic is something we can all use, all the time. Despite all the resources available to us, what better material can you get besides the real-world users (our authors) here at AUGI!?!?

This month’s theme captures some of the best methods and practices available.

In the November 2020 issue:

Paths to Success Using 3ds Max — Brian Chapman covers the benefits from continued growth in a creative sector, including technology growth that adopts 3D for rendering, visualization, and/or marketing.

Groin Vaults a Model of Efficiency — Jay Zallan explains his thinking on much of humanities’ outlook; that things (Revit Modeling, in this case) are difficult or not as easy as “other” software, etc., and is usually an ego response to a lack of understanding, clarity, or perspective.

Mind Mapping for Beginners — One of our valued AUGI employees, Jisell Howe, walks us through how to utilize mind mapping; a non-linear way to visually capture ideas around a central theme or topic.

Training and Education: A Different Approach — New author, Gareth Spencer, focuses on how the world changed over a few months from face to face working to working remotely. Companies and employees forced to change how we work, training and educating ourselves.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen brings us more opportunities to advance our skills, processes and workflows in our firms using the most current AEC related software and hardware updates that are available.

CAD BIM CAM Educational Offerings — Mark Kiker always takes a subject and relates it to being a manager. In this article he tells us how remote learning, hybrid, and in person learning have blended into new and creative ways.

AUGIWorld November 2020 Issue Released!


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