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AUGIWorld December 2020 -- Industry Insight

AUGIWorld December 2020
They say hindsight is 2020. Well thank goodness this is INSIGHT. This year (2020) has definitely been a challenging one.

This month’s issue will focus on YOU, the user. The authors cover everything from their favorite tools, to how we have conditioned ourselves to work from home.

In the December 2020 issue:

Machine Learning and AI — Brian Chapman discusses this up-and-coming technology that is taking the industry by storm. Machine learning and AI in 3ds Max? Yep, that’s right.

Civil Corridors: We Don’t Always Need Them — If you have listened to the CADDle Call podcast, then you will be familiar with our newest author, co-founder of ZenTek Consultants, Jim Coppinger. Read as he explains that it is not always necessary to use corridors in Civil design.

Drones: Accuracy and Opportunity — Once again, Shawn Herring is back with an insightful article about drones! Want to know how to close the gap with accuracy? Then read this informative article.

Revit and BIM 360 — Eric Wing expands our minds with a great explanation of file sharing, using none other than, BIM 360. This is the future of CLOUD!

Industry Insights of a Consultant — BIM/Technical Consultant, Software, Collaboration, Hardware, Data. How do these items come together? Gareth Spencer explains how to bridge the gap between these and support your clients in this article.

Virtual Desktops — Tag team duo, Brian Smith and Andrell Laniewicz, put together a very informative article on VDIs. I’m sure you are wanting to know more about your new working environment since the pandemic. VPN, or VDI? Read on to find out!

Inside Track — Brian Andresen brings us more opportunities to advance our skills, processes and workflows in our firms using the most current AEC related software and hardware updates that are available.

Checklists — Mark Kiker shares his wealth of knowledge about checklists. When, How and Why are answered to the fullest in this article on checklists. Get out your pen and paper!

AUGIWorld December 2020 Issue Released!


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