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AUGIWorld July 2021 -- 3rd Party Add-ons

AUGIWorld July 2021
The foundational software options out there right now are already awesome, but with these 3rd Party Add-ons, we can achieve an even higher level of production and efficiency or in other words overall success.

Read about how our Authors accomplish this in their daily workflows using 3rd Party Add-ons.

In the July issue:

AEC Partnerships, Esri — Matt Torma explains how Esri announced a strategic alliance with Autodesk to develop and offer more tightly integrated BIM and GIS workflows to offer more efficient workflows and capabilities from plan to operation, hoping it helps the world meet our infrastructure and development needs.

Autodesk Revit Inside the Factory — Kimberly Fuhrman sheds some light on the process and tips to possibly get selected for a live Autodesk Inside the Factory event.

CIM Project Suite — Jason Artley explains the benefits and use cases for the CIM Project Suite; a tool targeted towards the everyday Civil3D user.

Streamline the Process of Designing a Secured Building — Brad Brown talks about how Overtur makes the entire process of making a building and its occupants safe, secure, and less tedious.

Twinmotion and Unreal Engine 5 — Brian Chapman’s article talks about when Epic Games released the beta for Unreal Engine 5 and improvements for Twinmotion, offering more power, flexibility, and control to 3ds Max artists and creative professionals worldwide.

3rd Party Add-Ons for Revit — Eric Wing's article talks about how this month is all about the add-ons. As well as mentioning a few reasons why they don’t like most add-ons and some guidelines they have in place for themself.

Tell Me More — Mark Kiker shows us where to go to find whatever you might need for your Autodesk software. It mentions the applications are all categorized based on the specific Autodesk software as well as the need the app addresses. You’ll find apps that are free that provide small solutions and apps that have a price tag that provide more in-depth solutions.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen brings us more opportunities to advance our skills, processes, and workflows in our firms using the most current AEC related software and hardware updates that are available.

AUGIWorld July 2021 Issue Released!


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