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AUGIWORLD January 2023 -- Trending Technologies

AUGIWORLD January 2023
Technology is so limitless now, how are we supposed to stay updated on everything? Don’t you want to know what’s new and keep yourself updated on the most helpful trends? Well, here at AUGI, our authors are here for you!

Read this month’s issue to learn more about the latest and most recent Trending Technologies featuring: 3ds Max, Bricsys® 24/7, and Civil 3D. Thank you and enjoy!

In the January 2023 issue:

3ds Max: Industry Insights — Brian Chapman dives into the insights of 3ds Max in our industry and how 3D is helping the e-commerce market as well, benefiting our customers and partners!

Bricsys® 24/7: Powerful, simple, and intuitive CDE for collaborations in AEC — Craig Swearingen introduces the new trending technology that is Bricsys® 24/7. Craig talks all about this new trendy technology and explains how it ensures project management compliances better, faster, and smarter than ever!

Projecting Objects and Adding Crossings To Profile Views in Civil 3D — Jacob Matuseski takes a look at the “Project Objects To Profile View” and “Add Crossings To Profile View” commands in Civil 3D. He explains how they can be used to display and/or portray data/information in many unique ways, including the flexibility to be used on many types of data and features!

Onboarding — Mark Kiker follows up with the hiring process he’s written about in his past articles here at AUGI. Mark introduces the topic of what he calls ‘Onboarding’. He walks you all through the processes and gives his advice on what to do and how to approach every situation!

Making Sense Of Our Data With Microsoft’s Power BI — Stephen Walz brings up questions that are needed to be answered by integrations with Microsoft’s Power BI. Stephen helps with these answers and gives reasoning on why this is a trending topic and technology.

Ways to Use SketchUp in Your Business — Tony Ojungo focuses on Sketchup, free and user-friendly 3D modeling software available on the web. He writes about how to use it and what ways to best efficiently use it in order to help improve your business with it!

Civil 3D: Trending Technologies with GIS Data & Autodesk — Shawn Herring explores the many ways of utilizing GIS data in your everyday workflows. He talks about the ways from simply dropping in shapefiles, to connecting with the Autodesk Connector to ArcGIS GeoBIM!

Inside Track — Shaun Bryant brings us more opportunities to advance our skills, processes, and workflows in our firms using the most current AEC related software and hardware updates that are available.

AUGIWORLD January 2023 Issue Released!


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