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AUGIWORLD February 2023 -- Industry Standards

AUGIWORLD February 2023
In this industry, we need standards for everything. Here at AUGIWORLD, we have standards for just about anything! Standards help create a foundation and they help the process of something flow smoothly.

This month at AUGI, we’re focusing on our most used and needed standards. Sit back, relax, take notes if you want, and enjoy this AUGI standard February issue!

In the February 2023 issue:

BIM | CIM: I’ll Have One of Those Please! — Floriano Ferreira & Anjuli Jackson educates you (as a client) on your very own BIM journey! Floriano and Anjuli walk you through the steps, tools, tricks, fun facts, and educational awareness that you should know about that deals with BIM!

3ds Max Standards — Brian Chapman takes us through the several standards that can be used to guide how users interact with the software, as well as how they produce and present their work revolving around technical, visual, and organizational standards!

BricsCAD, Standards, and The Grocery Store — Craig Swearingen brings up strategizing our standards and how that alone will provide easy access to supporting tools, making the daily CAD experience as easy as walking into your favorite grocery store!

AutoCAD: A Network Tool Palette Manifesto — Daniel Lench explores the Network Tool Palette that AutoCAD has to offer and how to start with those tools, while also giving information about CAD as a whole!

CAD Manager Confessions: Crushing Your 2023 Goals — Eric DeLeon sets us up for success by mapping out a 10-step plan in order to achieve those 2023 goals more realistically and efficiently!

Fail Safe — Mark Kiker prepares us for success through failure. Mark dives into how we should handle failure and how to plan for it and after it.

Checking Standards in AutoCAD and Civil 3D — Shawn Herring focuses on the CAD Standards Checker tool in AutoCAD as well as the Reference Template options that are considered the proper CAD Standards setup, but he dives deep into the world of standards between the lines.

AutoCAD: Free Samples — Paul Li introduces the ‘free samples’ that AutoCAD always includes. Paul shows you what to get, how to get it, and how to use it, all in the most efficient ways!

Inside Track — Shaun Bryant brings us more opportunities to advance our skills, processes, and workflows in our firms using the most current AEC related software and hardware updates that are available.

AUGIWORLD February 2023 Issue Released!


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