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AUGIWORLD June 2023 -- Implementation Best Practices

We’re officially half way through the year of 2023, so let’s implement some new practices into your daily life. This month at AUGI, our authors will give out their best practices, tips, advice, et cetera, all for you!

Read this month’s articles, take notes for lasting reminders of these fixers, and enjoy!

In the June 2023 issue:

BricsCAD: Migration Made Simple — Craig Swearingen touches on a few of migration aspects while supplying an overview of what his team has learned from their experiences. That way, when you make the transition to BricsCAD, it is a migration made simple!

BIM | CIM Implementation: Reducing Design Errors and Improving Collaboration — Stephen Walz sheds some light into the overall process planning and collaboration that goes into properly executed a full BIM | CIM design project, with many considerations and decisions to be made along the way.

Autodesk Civil3D: Implementation Best Practices — Shawn Herring discusses some best practices for Civil 3D implementation, based on industry expertise and real-world experience.

Company Culture—From Chaos to Constructive: Solid Corporate Standards Build Solid Foundations — Mark Behrens focuses on best reviewing a business’ existing corporate culture, a core value in developing an effective business plan with far-reaching implications.

Mechanisms & Mentorship: From Laid Off Engineer to Owner — Rafael Testai interviews the Mechanical Engineer & Owner of TeamPipeline.us, Aaron Moncur. They focus on his journey from getting laid off, to successfully starting his own mechanical engineering and product development firm that’s going on 13 years strong.

Engineering Implementations vs. Installation — Adam Black asks us if we are just purchasing and installing software or does your company have an implementation strategy to develop the technology to try and stand out of the crowd? Adam states and explores how without it, your company cannot legitimately claim to be better than any other, because you are all on a level playing field.

Implementations Impact on Your Standard: When and Why — Mark Kiker talks about how everyone should focus on how implementing new tech impacts your standards and how your standards need to be stable, flexible, and up to date.

3ds Max: Implementing a Modular Workflow for an Era of AR/VR — Brian Chapman introduces AR/VR into our worlds and how planning, preparation, and implementation of modern tools and modular procedures, we can add scalability and efficiency to ensure maximum return on investment.

Setting Goals for Manufacturing Success: A Strategic Approach to Implementation — Kristina Youngblut helps you get into the right mindset as you’ll explore the importance of setting clear goals in the manufacturing sector in order to allow implementation!

AutoCAD: Insert or Xref? That is the Question — Paul Li informs everyone about Blocks, Block Inserts, Xref Blocks, and how AutoCAD will always offer variety and flexibility giving users multiple options to reach the same goal, but it is up to the end user to be fully informed of all that AutoCAD offers.

Inside Track — Shaun Bryant brings us more opportunities to advance our skills, processes, and workflows in our firms using the most current AEC related software and hardware updates that are available.

AUGIWORLD June 2023 Issue Released!


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