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AUGIWORLD September 2023 -- 22nd Annual AUGI Salary Survey

AUGIWORLD September 2023
It’s the long-awaited month at AUGI, the Salary Survey issue! Our authors here at AUGI also get their own topic choice! Read this month’s issue at AUGIWORLD, take some helpful notes, plan for your future, and enjoy!

In the September 2023 issue:

Simulation Overview with 3ds Max — Brian Chapman provides an overview to demystify the process so users might further expand their capability and opportunity in the steps to generate photo simulations with 3ds Max.

I Can Make More Money Elsewhere — Mark Kiker decided to start his own series with this month’s topic, focusing on blending together the Secrets and the Salary Survey!

5 Often Overlooked Ways to Use AI to Improve Your Customer Service — Ray Blakney shares about his journey as the owner of Kairos Venture Studios, bringing in his experience and expertise into the topic of artificial intelligence being the key ingredient missing from various customer service initiatives.

Unlocking the Financial Benefits and Freedom of BricsCAD — Craig Swearingen explores the numerous benefits of BricsCAD network licensing, how it enhances efficiency, productivity, and creativity, as well as the various ways BricsCAD delivers financial advantages, enabling users to optimize their workflows, reduce costs, and enhance overall profitability.

Civil 3D: AI in Civil — Shawn Herring delves into the impact of AI on civil engineering design, exploring its applications, benefits, challenges, and the path forward. Shawn also discusses how AI has been used in our everyday Autodesk products for years and how they’ve already been assisting us in disguise!

Visibility in Revit — Jason Peckovitch dives into the visibility in Revit, turning it into a common topic that is referred to as the throwback game of Where’s Waldo.

22nd Annual AUGI Salary Survey — Melanie Stone brings us our annual salary survey for AUGI and includes present and past percentage charts along with fun facts about AUGI’s salary survey!

Beyond vs Infrastructure Delay — Brian Sroufe & Sam Lytle bring in a graphic novel approach on this topic, sharing a storyline we’ve never brought over to AUGIWORLD before!

Inside Track — Shaun Bryant brings us more opportunities to advance our skills, processes, and workflows in our firms using the most current AEC related software and hardware updates that are available.

AUGIWORLD September 2023 Issue Released!


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