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AUGIWORLD November 2023 -- Education & Training

AUGIWORLD November 2023
Education and Training are two very important aspects and qualities you need in life. Everyday brings a new opportunity to learn, and our AUGIWORLD authors are excited to incorporate those very educational topics and training skills into your lives!

Read this month’s issue at AUGIWORLD, take some helpful notes and enjoy!

In the November 2023 issue:

In Loving Memory Jay Zallan — David Harrington reports on the recent passing of our friend and former AUGIWORLD author Jay Zallan, expressing a glimpse of who Jay was and how he consistently inspired us in all fields.

3ds Max: Adapting to the AI-Driven 3D Frontier — Brain Chapman introduces 3D technology, driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancing as a prime example of remarkable innovations that significantly boost human productivity, and more!

Secrets about People — Mark Kiker continues his running series of articles called Secrets that Tech Managers Keep, teaching project managers about the road for success, support, and improvements along the way.

Accelerate Your Time To Deliverable with BricsCAD V24 — Craig Swearingen discusses everything you need to know about how BricsCAD V24 can assist you and finish your design tasks quickly and efficiently.

Customization or (a.k.a. Implementation) — Adam Black tells his story from 43 years of experience seeing far more bad teaching, systems, and processes than good, while keeping the saying of keeping the blind from leading the blind.

bS-USA Certification & Training Programs — Tony Rinella introduces us into specific programs based on helping improve the global dispersion and reliability of open standards and openBIM® knowledge.

Drawings are like Onions, they have Layers! — Jacob Matuseski peels DWG environment back to reveal its many layers, as well as discuss powerful workflows that can be implemented to effectively manage them, and that’s just the beginning.

Mechanisms & Mentorship: Mechanisms for Measurements — Rafael Testai interviews Mechanical Engineer & LabView Programmer, Ben Sandoval, focusing on the two clever fixtures he designed to take a repeatable non-contact measurement on medical devices, and a method to measure the frictional forces induced while inserting shafts through non-linear pathways!

Best Practices for Civil 3D Training: A Guide on How I Approach Training — Shawn Herring talks about his experience with Autodesk software, specifically Civil 3D, and outlines his approach when being engaged on a Civil 3D consulting opportunity.

5 Concerns AI Developers Need to Prevent from Materializing — Jason Toy provides us with five of the biggest concerns and how AI developers can prevent them from materializing.

Inside Track — Shaun Bryant brings us more opportunities to advance our skills, processes, and workflows in our firms using the most current AEC related software and hardware updates that are available.

AUGIWORLD November 2023 Issue Released!


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