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AUGIWORLD December 2023 -- Industry Insights

AUGIWORLD December 2023
It’s that time of the year again, and with the holidays around the corner our AUGI authors are gifting you with some of their best industry insights they have to offer!

Season’s greetings, and we hope you enjoy this month’s issue!

In the December 2023 issue:

Upskilling with CAD as a UX Designer — Mike Scoell dives into how CAD aids UX design and its history of expertise that was worth the upskilling.

9 Ways You Are Hindering Your Google Ad Campaign’s Success — Ray Blakney discovers some critical blunders business leaders make when executing their Google Ad campaigns, so Blakney lists nine of them to prevent in your own marketing journey.

Mechanisms & Mentorship: CAD Industrial Design Tips — Rafael Testai interviews Industrial Designer Craig Ovans from TeamPipeline.us in Arizona. They focus on the industrial design involved in the massage tool mentioned.

Writing the Future: Industry Influence through User Forms, Videos, Podcasts, and Articles — Kristina Youngblut shares her experience in the midst of a project, and how through written articles, a speaker for podcasts and webinars, and participating in forums and online sources, she found her voice, her community, and her peers.

Secrets I Keep About My Boss — Mark Kiker continues his running series, Secrets that Tech Managers Keep, teaching project managers about the road for success, support, and improvements along the way. This month is about things you don’t typically share about or with your boss.

Customization (a.k.a. Implementation) — Adam Black jumps into how customization is the very first step in the Implementation process because it is well overdue and overtime to get this all right.

Industry Insights: The GC and BricsCAD® — Craig Swearingen shares with us some common examples and scenarios that GCs and subcontractors encounter, the ideal CAD solution for them, and why the obvious choice is BricsCAD®.

Civil Infrastructure: Emerging Trends in the Civil Infrastructure Industry — Shawn Herring simply wants to expand his thought process as he looks at the different types of projects that he’s involved in. So, this article looks at what he believes are some of the biggest trends within the Civil infrastructure space.

IoT and BIM Integration: A Case Study — In this case study, Alberto Tricarico provides an in-depth explanation of how BIM integrates with the Internet of Things and real-time data management.

Inside Track — Shaun Bryant brings us more opportunities to advance our skills, processes, and workflows in our firms using the most current AEC related software and hardware updates that are available.

AUGIWORLD December 2023 Issue Released!


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