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AUGIWORLD January 2024 -- Trending Technologies

AUGIWORLD January 2024
What’s a better way to start off the new year than to get ahead of the game with the most trending and helpful technologies? With the help of our AUGI authors, this month will give you that insight and start you off right.

Happy New Year and we hope you enjoy this month’s issue!

In the January 2024 issue:

3ds Max and Content Creation — Brian Chapman dives into today’s landscape that’s marked by an unprecedented array of content generation possibilities, reflecting an era where adaptability, absorption, and transformation are key due to rapid technological advancements, increased knowledge sharing, software democratization, and AI progress.

Risky Things — Mark Kiker continues his running series, Secrets that Tech Managers Keep, teaching project managers about the road for success, support, and improvements along the way. This month is about the ones that put you or your firm at risk!

Bricsys 24/7® & BricsCAD® — Grant Dott takes you through a simple space planning project using Bricsys 24/7® and BricsCAD®. He does this not as an exercise to necessarily learn these tools. but to see the effect they can have when used together!

AutoCAD: Dialog Fun Facts — Paul Li explores the many fun facts available for AutoCAD users to take full advantage of its feature.

The Best of Both Worlds: A South Asian BIM Goddess in the United States — Rina Sahay shares her experience in the midst of coming to the United States and adapting to the BIM Specialist & Architectural world we see today, sharing her tips along the way.

IFC Special Report: Industry Convergence — Stephen Walz shares with us his input and insight on the industries convergence with IFC, explaining the ‘why’, ‘where’, and the next steps to take on this.

Revit Tech Trends — Jason Peckovitch delves into the current technological landscape of Revit in 2023, exploring the advancements that are shaping the industry from cloud collaboration to generative/parametric design.

Revit Etiquette: Becoming a Model Citizen — Emily Vineyard takes advantage of her wisdom over the years, and based on personal lessons she’s learned, her article represents her Top 4 Revit etiquette tips that can help you to become a “Model Citizen”.

Inside Track — Rina Sahay brings us more opportunities to advance our skills, processes, and workflows in our firms using the most current AEC related software and hardware updates that are available.

AUGIWORLD January 2024 Issue Released!


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