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AUGIWORLD February 2024 -- Efficiency with Industry Standards

AUGIWORLD February 2024
Every company, person, software, and environment needs standards. They are the key and guideline for any situation out there!

This month at AUGIWORLD, our authors will give you their own standards that they think deserves a spotlight. Take some notes and we hope you enjoy this month’s issue!

In the February 2024 issue:

IFC: What is it and Why is it Needed? — Emma Hooper realizes that we had the capability to create the digital twin of the infrastructure, the type of which could be inferred from the specific BIM model in use. She dives into her case study, and identifies the main steps ahead.

BIM: Orchestrating a Model Masterpiece on Purpose — Emily Vineyard takes you through how masterful works of art aren’t accidental, and they don’t happen overnight. Like any other remarkable creation, crafting model masterpieces takes time, and in the age of facility maintenance models, digital twins, and models that serve as the primary deliverable, our attention to how we model, what we model, and how we coordinate these components needs to be front and center.

Decision Fatigue — Mark Kiker continues his running series, Secrets that Tech Managers Keep, teaching project managers about the road for success, support, and improvements along the way. This month is about decision fatigue and the toll it can take on a Tech Manager over time, including defining the symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.

3ds Max Standards: Achieving Precision and Efficiency In the AEC Industry — Brian Chapman dives into some of the most essential standards needed to harness the full potential of 3ds Max for AEC projects!

Data Processing and Mining with Dynamo for Civil 3D — Stephen Walz runs through his thought process of a recent D4C3D script initially developed as a Proof of Concept (POC) that turned into a scalable solution supporting our data processing and mining efforts that have provided many value-adds to our project.

The Busy Drafter’s Dilemma: Why Spending Time Now Will Actually Save You Time Later — Rose Barfield takes advantage of spending time now to save time later. She argues that by learning, that is time you could spend working on more projects, increasing your professional performance, or simply spending time with your family. The benefit is you could learn something new that could save you hours of work in the future.

The Collective Power of National Standards in Decluttering Design — Kristina Youngblut explores how collaboration on design projects in real-time used to be a thing of the past. She shares how with the advancement in software, up-to-date cloud sharing, and cutting-edge communication tools, today’s design landscape thrives on the ability to integrate cross-disciplinary efforts seamlessly, and why this allows professionals from various fields to contribute their unique expertise, which enhances the overall project outcome.

AUGIWORLD February 2024 Issue Released!


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