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AUGIWORLD March 2024 -- Tips & Tricks

AUGIWORLD March 2024
Everyone can always use new input, more help, and more knowledge for anything in their life!

This month at AUGIWORLD, we’re focusing on our most progressive and productive tips and tricks! Take some notes and we hope you enjoy this month’s issue!

In the March 2024 issue:

3ds Max Tips & Tricks — Brian Chapman covers some great tips you will like while using 3ds Max!

Making Tech Support Run like a Great Resort — Mark Kiker talks about how when he thinks of the talents that a Tech Manager needs, one that is always at the top is customer service! Mark lists a few things to keep in mind, set in the context of good service at a resort, hotel, or restaurant.

BricsCAD® Tips & Tricks To Streamline Your Workflow — Diana Gagiu explores some of the unique BricsCAD® features that will help you streamline your workflow. With these features, you’ll not only elevate the performance for heavy drawings, but you’ll also make sure the drawing accuracy is at its highest!

CAD Training: The Best Practices For Herding Cats — Mark Behrens explains how without a plan that encompasses both challenges together, the best efforts and intentions will ultimately fail. Getting buy-in from management is usually challenging enough. Minimizing the chance of failure is in your best interest early in the process!

Design and Virtual Construction: Why LOD400 Matters — Steve Blumenbaum discusses a method to improve the shape of the influence curve within projects.

Navigating the Digital Blueprint: MEPF Revit Tips and Tricks for Daily Use — Jason Peckovich hopes to have his article serve as your compass to navigate the intricacies of Revit, offering 10 tips and tricks that you can seamlessly integrate into your daily practice.

Autodesk Civil 3D: Tips and Tricks! — Shawn Herring helps us navigate the little things that go unnoticed in Civil 3D and lists some of his favorite little tasks, some new, and some oldies but goodies!

Inside Track: pyRevit Extensions — Rina Sahay explores more of pyRevit’s neat FREE tools that feature in pyRevit Extensions!

AUGIWORLD March 2024 Issue Released!


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