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AUGIWorld December 2018 -- Prepare for 2019

AUGIWorld December 2018
Goodbye, 2018. Now what? To hit the ground running in 2019 you’ll need a game plan, and a peek at the future wouldn’t hurt, either. In the December 2018 issue, AUGIWorld authors provide a look at trends, evolving roles, preparing for BIM success, and lessons learned.

Enjoy what’s left of this year and get ready for the next with these offerings.

In the December 2018 issue:

Planning for the Future with Civil 3D and Bentley — Brian Chapman discusses the benefits to be gained from an Autodesk/Bentley agreement that gives users of the respective products the ability to combine workflows using their different programs along with API systems.

The Evolution of BIM Coordinator — Philip Russo reflects on the role of BIM Coordinator, as it looks today and how it is evolving.

Six Questions You Don’t Want to Hear from Your Boss — Mark Kiker explains how to avoid a half-dozen unpleasant conversations with your manager.

Restructuring for BIM Success — Jay B. Zallan expands on last month’s article about how firms of any size can put themselves in a position to succeed with BIM.

Realistic, Interactive, Real-Time Visualization — Brian Chapman explores the use of the Unreal Engine and Datasmith for creating interactive content for multimedia purposes.

Project Management and Lessons Learned — Walt Sparling emphasizes the importance of formally documenting lessons learned during projects.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen presents four new products from Autodesk partners. This month: CopyFamilySharedParam, an application that permits users to copy multiple shared parameters from one Revit family to another; AUGmentecture, a plug-in that lets users upload 3D models from Revit to their AUG account for viewing on mobile devices; NoGestures, an app that enables the use of the right mouse button to pan and orbit the viewport; and Clean & Fix, a plug-in for cleaning and enhancement of AutoCAD blueprints.

Thank You! — AUGI expresses gratitude for the tireless effort of its volunteers in 2018.

AUGIWorld December 2018 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld November 2018 -- Never Stop Learning

AUGIWorld November 2018
As AUGI members know, continued education and training in their respective industries and associated technology is necessary and never ending. Witness the hundreds of Autodesk product users, many of them AUGI members, who travel to Autodesk University every year to attend the workshops, forge new professional relationships, and check out the technology offerings. And when it isn’t “AU time,” these professionals are busy looking for other opportunities to expand their skills and advance their careers through ongoing education.

The November 2018 issue of AUGIWorld focuses on the topic of training and education, and there is something for everyone—tips for those conducting training and assistance for those seeking it. So dive in!

In the November 2018 issue:

Inside Autodesk Certified Instructor Training — Todd Rogers, who is an Autodesk Certified Instructor (ACI), provides advice on the how to get involved with the ACI program.

How Do I Learn InfraWorks? — Oscar Castaneda shows users how to get started with InfraWorks and where to find some great learning resources.

Identify Your Training Needs — Gareth Spencer invites those charged with education and training for their employees to strategize on the best approach and style.

Not Your Typical Education and Training — Brian Chapman introduces some non-traditional resources for 3ds Max training.

Can We Talk? Being Interactive — Mark Kiker suggests one of the best ways to learn something new is to get out and talk to people—whether at an event, your office, even your home.

How Do YOU Learn? — Shaun Bryant discusses the various ways users can advance their skills with training—from typical instructor-led classroom, to online classroom, to events and written material.

The “Not So” Easy Button — Nathan Mulder uses one of his projects to demonstrate the work that goes into functionality available at the push of a button.

Communication Management — Walt Sparling explains why any successful project begins, progresses, and ends with communication in its many forms.

Dearest Small & Medium AEC Firms: Restructuring for BIM Success (Now) Applies to You — Jay B. Zallan explains that to be successful with BIM, users need to leave their CAD comfort zones and transform.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen with three new AEC-related offerings from Autodesk and partners. This month: BIM Track, an issue tracking platform that boasts many new features; Cloudsfer, a cloud migration service; and Sketch Checker, an add-in that helps identify points where a sketch is not properly closed.

AUGIWorld November 2018 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld October 2018 -- Beyond "Out of the Box"

AUGIWorld October 2018
Nearly every Autodesk product user customizes their software to some degree, rather than use the products in their OOTB (Out Of The Box) state. Some users are content to “personalize” the software, adjusting toolbars, ribbons, palettes, and so on. Others dig deeper and make more substantive modifications.

In the October 2018 issue of AUGIWorld, our authors offer tips on customization. Kicking it off, Joshua Geimecke seeks to answer a fundamental question:

“To Customize or Not.” While Joshua isn’t opposed to personalization or customization, and admits to doing both, he offers a practical view on why users should customize with constraint.

In the October 2018 issue:

Component Road Customizations — Matt Wunch helps you discover the power of InfraWorks’ component roads, which can be customized to create just about any roadway style, intersection, or configuration.

Customization with 3ds Max — Brian Chapman steps 3ds Max users through customizing templates, startup files, toolbars, and content such as textures and materials.

Developing a Thick Skin — Mark Kiker advises tech managers to keep their cool when confronted by frustrated users who blame technology when things go wrong. Managers should look beyond the negative feedback and collaborate on a solution.

Destination Customization: Customized Solutions for AutoCAD — Jisell Howe gives a first-person account of creating a customized tool palette with pop-up menus for AutoCAD MEP.

Risers and One-Line Diagrams: Not Just a One-Way Street — Nathan Mulder presents a detailed workaround for risers and one-line diagrams in Revit MEP.

Influence Autodesk’s Tomorrow — Chris Lindner invites AUGI members to get involved in the AUGI Wish List, which can move product improvement suggestions to eventual product features.

Uninstalling Autodesk Software? Let’s Save You Some Time! — Bryson Anderson demonstrates the various ways to remove unwanted software, from simple uninstalls to more complex cleanups.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen with three new AEC-related offerings from Autodesk and partners. This month: Autodesk Site Designer Extension for Autodesk, which uses native Revit families, components, and toposurfaces so site designs become part of the overall model; 3D PDF Exporter for Autodesk AutoCAD exports solid and wire bodies to a 3D PDF file; and SPIT i-BIM, a smart library, features more than 230 objects, a customized browser, and more.

AUGIWorld October 2018 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld September 2018 -- Things Are Looking Up

AUGIWorld September 2018
September—the end of summer, school back in session, and the AUGI Salary Survey! Under the expert direction of Melanie Perry, the 17th Annual AUGI Salary Survey presents data on numerous aspects of AUGI members’ professional lives.

Salaries, sure, but also benefits, pay raises, satisfaction with current positions, education level, workload growth, percentage of members who changed jobs in the last year, working after hours, and trends.

After you’ve studied the survey, be sure to check out all the other informative articles in the September issue.

In the September 2018 issue:

Leveraging Corridors and Feature Lines — Shawn Herring investigates enhancements to AutoCAD Civil 3D that focus on corridor modeling.

InfraWorks BIM 360 Docs & Shared Views — Tony Carcamo explores the use of BIM 360 to improve collaboration among all members of the team.

Level Up with 3ds Max — Brian Chapman focuses on hard-surface scene construction in 3ds Max 2019 to reach the highest standard of quality.

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan — Adam Muñoz discusses Plan View in Revit Structure. You’ll get tips, learn to avoid roadblocks, try some experiments, and more.

Don’t Quit… Yet — Mark Kiker gives you some things to consider after you’ve read this year’s AUGI Salary Survey. To begin, look deeper than the data.

Tackling Tables in AutoCAD — Sam Lucido offers basic and advanced tips for making the most of AutoCAD tables.

The Stuff Revit Legends Are Made Of — Nathan Mulder helps you work with the legend tools in Revit MEP software.

The Revit User: A Soft Cost Factor of AEC — Jay B. Zallan advises Revit users to work at their craft (tirelessly) to increase productivity and skill.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen with three new AEC-related offerings from Autodesk and partners. This month: Warchart, an interactive tool that helps navigate and ultimately eliminate Revit warnings; Bird Tools Tag Alignment Tool, a Revit add-in that arranges and organizes Revit tags and text notes; and ViewIT, which is a Revit app for accessing views and sheets to help streamline model navigation.

AUGIWorld September 2018 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld August 2018 -- Easier Collaboration

AUGIWorld August 2018
AUGIWorld devotes one issue every year to collaboration, and for good reason. Now everyone agrees that it’s vital for disciplines to work effectively together, but how to go about it? This year’s focus on the topic revisits techniques for effective collaboration and introduces some new tools designed to make collaboration easier.

“Collaboration in the Cloud,” by Shaun Bryant, discusses advances from Autodesk that are making it easy for users to collaborate.

In “Online Collaboration for 3ds Max Users,” Brian Chapman highlights four websites that foster collaboration among 3ds Max users around the globe.

There’s much more in the August 2018 issue on collaboration and other topics. Enjoy!

In the August 2018 issue:

Collaboration in Coordination — Joshua Geimecke discusses the factors needed for successful collaboration in the coordination process.

Collaboration: The New BIM 360 Design — Todd Rogers explores BIM 360 Design, which gives project managers, subcontractors, designers, architects, and other construction management professionals total control over the processes and phases of their projects.

Revit Retriever: Doggone Good BIM — Claudio Vittori Antisari and Chiara C. Rizzarda introduce you to Retriever, for model and code checking, and more.

Standards: Keys to Collaboration — Standards champion Mark Kiker discusses why standards should be enforced, explained, and occasionally revised.

Meeting Etiquette — Walt Sparling gets back to basics with tips on good conduct for production managers during meetings—whether these PMs are host or guest.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen with three new AEC-related offerings from Autodesk and partners. This month: Walk-Through-3D, a proof of concept add-in to connect Revit and the Unity gaming development platform; Transfer Single, which provides options for standards transfers; and ID Spec, which allows for predesign of an electrical system inside AutoCAD.

AUGIWorld August 2018 Issue Released!

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