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AUGIWorld November 2021 -- Education & Training

AUGIWorld November 2021
You can never get enough of this, We can use education and training for as long as we live.

This month we get to see how our AUGI Authors themselves use education and training along with their own methods and practices!

In the November issue:

3ds Max and Creative Professionals: Their Role as Mentors — Brian Chapman highlights and celebrates a few of the ‘lone wolves’ out there called mentors and how these working professionals build these fellowships, pushing to improve creative communities and skills everywhere.

Civil Engineering Still Lags Architecture in Visualization — Sam Lytle tells a story about his 30th birthday and incorporates his own insane and inspiring journey with Visualization.

Continuing Education — Luke Flowers shares how he learned a repeatable continuous education process, which he still uses to this day. He then covers the process he discovered and action steps that made it easy to repeat.

Corporate Training for Everybody — Eric Wing lists off and goes into detail on his chosen delivery methods that are here to help everyone including: Video Recording, Video Conferencing, Onboarding, Production Staff, and many more.

AutoCAD: One Key Shortcuts — Ivan Shchito takes it back to the first release of AutoCAD and mentions how, “the software was also designed to provide functionality first. It was not considered how many letters a person had to type to access a command or how long the mouse path had to be and how many clicks needed to be done… we can still see the ergonomics flaws which were planted at the dawn of computer technology.” He then leads into tons of educating about the shortcuts of AutoCAD.

Site Scan for ArcGIS — Matt Torma talks about how AEC firms are now moving drone use out of the proof-of-concept phase and into standard operating procedures. Concluding his summary in the beginning with, “There was value in testing all the options, but now these teams are looking for an integrated, end-to-end drone solution that simplifies the process and can scale as their drone operations grow,” with that leading as a segway into his article.

Educate Me — Mark Kiker has a conversation with Robert Garza coming from the idea of focusing on education at Community College levels and how many offer CAD training that could potentially get the students into an engineering career.

A Day at the Home Office — Marco Oregon opens up with AUGI Humor and goes into saying to never give up. He then talks about being impressed with how AUGI salaries jumped and more about his work life challenges and that it’s important to never lose hope as well.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen brings us more opportunities to advance our skills, processes, and workflows in our firms using the most current AEC related software and hardware updates that are available.

AUGIWorld November 2021 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld October 2021 -- Customize, Create, Develop.

AUGIWorld October 2021
Customization is a huge part of every Autodesk user. This October 2021 issue has our authors sort through the customization how-tos and gives tutorials on various aspects such as: Bluebeam Revu, Revit Mapping Customization, and HDRI Loader Using Maxscript.

In the October issue:

Bluebeam Revu for the Design World — Jim Coppinger covers a few of the tools that are focused on making life easier for those of us in the design world with Bluebeam.

3ds Max: Creating an HDRI Loader using Maxscript — Brian Chapman talks about how we can use Maxscript to create an interface to work with HDRI environments and the Arnold renderer built into 3Ds Max.

Civil 3D: Customizing User Interfaces — Oscar Castaneda focuses on a few key elements that make ORD not such a bad guy coming from the Civil 3D experience.

Revit Mapping Customization — Eric Wing explains everything you need to know about customization by comparing Revit and AutoCAD and leading you step by step through the new methods.

Civil 3D: Customizing Assemblies with Subassembly Composer — Shawn Herring says that Autodesk SAC will quickly find its way into your workflow as he talks all about that as well as describes three portions to the SAC user interface.

Making the Call — Mark Kiker asks, “How do you get things done without moving too fast or too slow?” And if you read on you will see that he does have some ideas about moving faster or slower depending on the need.

What Happened to the Digitizer — Paul Li points out the various factors that most likely contributed to the once highly in demand digitizer in our profession to now fade into oblivion.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen brings us more opportunities to advance our skills, processes, and workflows in our firms using the most current AEC related software and hardware updates that are available.

AUGIWorld October 2021 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld September 2021 -- 20th Annual AUGI Salary Survey

AUGIWorld September 2021
The most anticipated edition of AUGIWorld magazine, the Salary Survey edition!

All our data comes directly from you, our AUGI members. This is a great way to compare your salaries and job conditions to others in your field. Melanie Stone gives her all into managing this survey every year, and so we thank her for this edition!

In the September issue:

Future Value to Model-Based Deliverables — Stephen Walz introduces how clients are beginning to require an integrated approach to enhance their existing Asset Management solutions. So in response, the AEC industry has started to evaluate multiple vendors, organizations, and technologies to develop proven solutions that allow for seamless migration of all design intelligence data into a federated model. He also adds that these solutions will be leveraged for interdisciplinary coordination, Model-Based QC, Model-Based Deliverables, and most importantly enable a streamlined continuation of asset management, well beyond design.

3ds Max: Tips on Lighting — Brian Chapman explains how lighting is arguably the most critical element in 3D and that lighting guides the viewer’s eye and provides a tone that invokes emotions relative to the scene. He also mentions that lighting helps describe shapes, form, and depth.

Coordination Views in BIM 360 Simplified — Eric Wing shares how we can now share 3D views with all trades linked together where all you need to have on your computer is an internet browser. He goes super into depth and makes the instructions super clear with visuals involved.

Walmart Home Office: Successful Collaboration — Gabriela Ramos and Ted Vuong talk about the complex makeup that serve the offices, service buildings, parking decks, and amenities throughout the campus, hydro, gas, and fiber optic cable and communication duct banks—the protected pathways for buried electrical and data cables. They ensure exceptional underground utility design for Walmart’s home office.

20th Annual AUGI Salary Survey — Melanie Stone appreciates those members who were able to take the time to participate in this year’s survey whilst showing the results of each and mentions how there is still a fall in participation though.

Assume it’s Your Fault — Mark Kiker talks about how when people come running, you go into troubleshooting mode and start asking a lot of questions. He says that you may get to the root of the problem really quickly and get them back on track, but other times the problem runs deeper than a quick fix.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen brings us more opportunities to advance our skills, processes, and workflows in our firms using the most current AEC related software and hardware updates that are available.

AUGIWorld September 2021 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld August 2021 -- Managing Your Workflows, Staff and Projects

AUGIWorld August 2021
Nothing beats experience. Join us as seasoned professionals within the AEC Industries share their wisdom and experiences managing workflows, staff and projects.

Read about how our authors accomplish this using the latest in computer technologies.

In the August issue:

BIM Management Mistakes To Live By — Jason Lush takes a look at a few lessons learned on mistakes easily made on the way to BIM Management success and how they can be turned into a successful journey.

Autodesk Civil 3D: Simple Management Tips — The management team outlines several of the topics they would be sure to spend a bit more time getting up to speed on.

Scene Management with Pulze for 3ds Max — Brian Chapman talks about the Pulze Scene Manager being an interface built to work with 3ds Max for scene management.

Leadership Cloning — Mark Kiker explains what leadership cloning is and how you probably think you are a good leader and think that others who pattern their leadership after what you have learned will be good leaders also. Also adding that as you bring people along, they will start to act like you.

Revit Project Setup in a Multi-Trade Environment — Eric Wing article talks about basic production and discussing his checklist and how he starts every project regardless of the size.

Letter from the Editor (The Beginning!) — Todd Rogers talks about stepping up to the job of Editor in Chief and more about him and his plans for AUGI.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen brings us more opportunities to advance our skills, processes, and workflows in our firms using the most current AEC related software and hardware updates that are available.

AUGIWorld August 2021 Issue Released!


AUGIWorld July 2021 -- 3rd Party Add-ons

AUGIWorld July 2021
The foundational software options out there right now are already awesome, but with these 3rd Party Add-ons, we can achieve an even higher level of production and efficiency or in other words overall success.

Read about how our Authors accomplish this in their daily workflows using 3rd Party Add-ons.

In the July issue:

AEC Partnerships, Esri — Matt Torma explains how Esri announced a strategic alliance with Autodesk to develop and offer more tightly integrated BIM and GIS workflows to offer more efficient workflows and capabilities from plan to operation, hoping it helps the world meet our infrastructure and development needs.

Autodesk Revit Inside the Factory — Kimberly Fuhrman sheds some light on the process and tips to possibly get selected for a live Autodesk Inside the Factory event.

CIM Project Suite — Jason Artley explains the benefits and use cases for the CIM Project Suite; a tool targeted towards the everyday Civil3D user.

Streamline the Process of Designing a Secured Building — Brad Brown talks about how Overtur makes the entire process of making a building and its occupants safe, secure, and less tedious.

Twinmotion and Unreal Engine 5 — Brian Chapman’s article talks about when Epic Games released the beta for Unreal Engine 5 and improvements for Twinmotion, offering more power, flexibility, and control to 3ds Max artists and creative professionals worldwide.

3rd Party Add-Ons for Revit — Eric Wing's article talks about how this month is all about the add-ons. As well as mentioning a few reasons why they don’t like most add-ons and some guidelines they have in place for themself.

Tell Me More — Mark Kiker shows us where to go to find whatever you might need for your Autodesk software. It mentions the applications are all categorized based on the specific Autodesk software as well as the need the app addresses. You’ll find apps that are free that provide small solutions and apps that have a price tag that provide more in-depth solutions.

Inside Track — Brian Andresen brings us more opportunities to advance our skills, processes, and workflows in our firms using the most current AEC related software and hardware updates that are available.

AUGIWorld July 2021 Issue Released!

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