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RTC Europe 2014

Dublin, Ireland
Thursday 30 October – Saturday 1 November 2014

Building on the success of the 2014 Australasian and North American events, RTC comes back for its second year in Europe, with the venue set in the beautiful Dublin Castle, at the centre of a truly unique capital.


RTC is an event covering Building Information Modelling in all its aspects, with a core focus on workflows centred on Autodesk Revit, as well as complementary and alternative applications. This is a unique ‘for users, by users’ event, where experts and leaders in the field of BIM share their knowledge and experience, express their passion and exchange their insights.

As an independently-run conference created by industry professionals like you, we strive to produce the best BIM event you’ll get to each year. RTC focuses on the best use of the best tools, techniques and processes - not just for the technical experts, but for business leaders as well, with an entire stream of sessions dedicated to business leadership. We are also committed to cross-discipline and cross-sector engagement, with a regular attendee base from all design disciplines, construction, building owners, developers, facility management, quantity surveying, project management and academia.

This year’s program in Dublin boasts a rapidly expanding cohort of European experts including returning speakers such as Pierre Roscelli, Håvard Vasshaug and Graham Stewart, as well as those new to the roster, such as Rebecca de Cicco, Mattias Sahlberg, and David Philp. More classes for contractors, more classes on API and third party tools, more of everything! This year’s event runs for 3 days, hosts 70 classes, and spends Friday night at the Guinness Factory! This year we also introduce RTC Labs to the European event. An opportunity to work hands-on in a class led by some of the top Revit gurus worldwide, these classes always fill up fast (only 40 places per session) so make sure you take the opportunity to work on projects under the tutelage of great teachers like Steve Shell, Brian Mackey and Julian Benoit.

We want you to learn and to be inspired, and to inspire others to become better. Many of our past attendees have benefited from strong career advancement—we’d like to think it’s because they’re the people we attract to our events, and because we facilitate some part of their growth as industry professionals. There is a reason why over 90% of past delegates want to come back! To learn more go to


AUGIWorld July 2013 Issue Released!

Everybody's in management. Whether you're a CAD Manager with a staff and hardware/
software to tend, a project manager with looming deadlines, or a drafter overseeing a piece
of a bigger picture, the task of managing is yours.
The July 2013 issue of AUGIWorld offers tips for managing your environment - in whatever
form that takes. In "BIM, on a Smaller Scale" author Martijn de Riet discusses the differ-
ences between managing BIM in a large company and a small one.
Bryan Tanner covers the bases in "Managing Your Civil Design Software 
which explores all aspects of management from drawings to people. In
"The BIM Manager's Balancing Act," Bill Campbell describes the challenges that BIM
managers face every day.


Also in the July 2013 AUGIWorld...
Highs and Lows of Moving DWG into a Database – Gordon Luckett offers some stellar
tips for using a database to manage DWG files.
Fantastic Filters – Greg Hale explores the finer points of using filters in Revit Structure. 
You'll learn about using filters for documentation; management, review, and coordination;
and analysis.
Simulation, Vault, and You – John Evans shares his experiences with Autodesk
Vault and Simulation CFD and Mechanical.
On Display, in ACA – Melinda Heavrin provides a comprehensive overview of AutoCAD 
Architecture's display system.
Get a Grip on AutoCAD – Walt Sparling shows you how to get efficient with grips in 
AutoCAD. Michael Beall offers a bonus AutoCAD tip on changing the insertion point of
a block.
Revit Adaptive Components for MEP – Mark Green and Alan Jackson team up to bring 
you the features of Adaptive Components and their use in architecture, MEP, and more.
Also in this issue...
Navistools: Tools for BIM – John Foster introduces you to Navistools, which enable and 
support collaborative BIM processes and provide asset and facilities management.
AUGI Forums: String Theory – Melanie Perry with some highlights from the AUGI Forums.
Inside Track – Lee Ambrosius presents recent developments for the Autodesk world. This 
month: learning software and productivity boosters.


Attend an Autodesk Virtual Event and Lead the Way with Better Design

Join your fellow users for a free Autodesk Virtual Event and see how the latest Autodesk software can help you lead the way in bringing your ideas to life and transforming your business.

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Lead the way with the latest Autodesk® software releases. Our solutions for Building Information Modeling (BIM), Digital Prototyping, and Digital Entertainment Creation can help you gain greater production efficiencies, save time, stay within budget, and solve even the most complex production challenges. And now you can hear straight from Autodesk executives — including Lynn Allen, Technical Evangelist — and learn more about the latest AutoCAD® software, Autodesk Design Suites, and more.

This is an event you won't want to miss.

Date: March 29, 2012
Time: 9:00 a.m. PT to 1:00 p.m. PT

Presentations begin at 9:00 a.m. PT - attend one or attend all. Autodesk experts will be available until 1:00 p.m. PT for live online Q & A.

Autodesk newly enhanced Design Suites help you design, visualize, simulate, and innovate - so you can win new business and achieve better results in every phase of the project lifecycle.

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AUGIWorld December 2011 is Now Available!

AUGIWorld December 2011 Issue Released!

Can there be any doubt about the value of information sharing in the design industry?

Whether it’s a quick question-and-answer session with the person in the next cubicle, or following an online blogger or discussion group guru to see what they’re thinking, or reading the latest from a published author, we rely on the opinions, perspective, and insight from those we admire to help us become better producers in our own environment.

The December issue of AUGIWorld serves up plenty of perspective from industry professionals.

In "Halfway to Paperless," Bryan Thompson offers his solution for getting us beyond just talking about a paperless office and actually realizing it. Melinda Heavrin, AutoCAD Architecture expert, thoroughly discusses "Material Matters" within the product. In "Stuck in Neutral, Christopher Fugitt offers his view on AutoCAD Civil 3D and what is needed to make that product all it could be.


Also in the December 2011 issue of AUGIWorld:

Create BIM Content with Corridor Models - in a bonus AutoCAD Civil 3D article, Francesca Maier explores an efficient way to create 3D models to coordinate with other disciplines.

Getting to the Next Level - creating a BIM environment goes far beyond implementing Revit and calling it done. Firms will need to spend money, spend time, and build a culture of embracing change, says author Todd Shackelford.

Advanced Rendering in Revit - Kyle Benedict plumbs the depths of producing presentations using tools within Revit.

Super Families: A Kit of Parts - Many Revit users find families difficult to master. Author Nicholas Kramer makes the concept easy to grasp by breaking it down into parts.

How Revit Structure Benefits the Construction Estimator - Pushing the BIM process to a total project delivery is the future, says author Sean Woods.

Archviz Rock Star - Tom Cipolla interviews Victor Erthal, formerly of Neoscape.

The True Meaning of CAM in the Industry - Scott Moyse interviews some industry veterans and others in his quest for perfection in Autodesk Inventor.

Also in this issue...
  • Heads Up – David Harrington on updates, service packs, and top known issues in Autodesk products.
  • Autodesk Insider - David Mills interviews Paul Sullivan, Senior PR Manager for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction at Autodesk.
  • Inside Track – Recent developments in Autodesk and related software, by Mark Kiker.
  • Wicked Tools for the BUILT Industry – The Wicked Series, by James Salmon, continues. In this installment: the BUILT industry needs to seize the opportunity to take a quantum leap forward by leveraging wicked tools.
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AUGI HotNews December 2011 is Available Now


AUGI is pleased to announce the December 2011 issue of HotNews! Read it today.


In this issue of HotNews:

AUGI Presents Wish List 2011 to Autodesk Execs - The AUGI Wish List Top 10 for AutoCAD, Revit Architecture, Revit MEP, Revit Structure, Autodesk Inventor, and AutoCAD Civil 3D were presented to Autodesk Executives as part of the AUGI Annual Meeting.

AUGI Top DAUG Competition at AU2011 - AUGI's Top DAUG competition at AU2011 was expanded to include more products and by extension more AUGI members. Read more about the winners and the t-shirt design.


* President's Letter - 2011 December - It was one knowledge-enhancing, career-building event after another at AU 2011. From a special breakfast "thank you" to AUGI volunteers, to the Annual Meeting, Beer Bust, and the crowning of the 2011 Top DAUG, AU 2011 was a memorable event for AUGI members.


* TIPniques: Dr. Who and the CAD Manager Part 1

Get a better idea of how long it really takes to design, layout, detail, and check. Patrick Hughes shows you how in the first part of a two-part series.

* CAD Management: Is Your Workspace Killing Productivity?

Is Your Workspace Killing Productivity? When it comes to office ergonomics, the trend is the wide open spaces. Mark Kiker offers some tips for making it work better for everyone.

* Sponsor Spotlight: HP Technology on Display at Autodesk University

Visitors to HP's AU booth got to disassemble a workstation, laugh and learn, and catch some flying money. Here's the recap.

Read the december issue of HotNews Now! Click here today!

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