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AUGI forums have CUI Menus covered...

Have you visited the "AutoCAD 2006 CUI Menus" forum ?

If no, you could well be missing out on some first class assistance and support from AUGI members as they happily and kindly share their new found knowledge on Autodesk's latest method of customizing and implementing Menus within AutoCAD and AutoCAD based verticals.

Here are a couple of threads to help you on your CUI journey...

Notes on the philosophy of CUI

CUI and workspace videos from Autodesk


FREE Visual Studio 2005 Express verions

Did the word "FREE" grab your attention? Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2005 and for a limited time, you can download the Express versions for free! Since 2006, the .NET api for AutoCAD is fairly usable. If you don't know .Net yet, this would be a good opportunity to get started. There are tutorials included. You can get VB.Net, C#.Net, C++.Net, and J#.Net. Later they will be $99 each. You can also get Express versions of SQL Server and Web Developer kit.


Remap F1 key in AutoCAD

I've had several users as me to fix it so that when they reach for the ESC key, Help won't pop up. Sometimes the mistakenly hit the F1 key instead. You know, it's what they call "fat finger syndrome". Well, apparently Lynn Allen has recieved many such requests. Back in the old days, I just mapped F1 to a lisp that said "You pressed the F1 key." Lynn tells you how to map the F1 key to be ESC, thus effectively doubling the area you have to hit that ESC key. Check out these two posts on her blog. One is for 2006 and one is for 2005 and lower.

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