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Candidates For The 2011 AUGI Board of Directors Elections


The AUGI Board is composed of nine directors elected on a rotating basis for three-year terms by the membership of Autodesk Users Group International (AUGI). The board includes professionals from varying locations worldwide who use, train and support the varying products of Autodesk software.

Each year the Nomination & Elections Committee and the AUGI Board strive to include candidates that represent diverse interests and global perspectives. The seven colleagues who have graciously agreed to stand for election for the three positions spanning the 2012-2014 term are (in alphabetical order):

  • Scott Ebert
  • David Gaskill
  • Assis Haubert
  • Tommy Holder
  • Dario Passariello
  • Desiree Ratley
  • Jay Zallan

Members now have the opportunity to view candidates’ information and ask questions.  

You can find the new Forum Area for the 2011 Candidates here.


AUGI 2010 Election Results are in...

The AUGI Board of Directors is pleased to announce the election results of the 2010-year end election.

After 14 days of voting, the official results of the AUGI Board of Directors Year end Election are available. Each of candidates were considered and voted on individually. The candidate with the highest number of votes was elected to serve on the AUGI Board of Directors for a three year term, commencing Jan 2011 – Dec 2013.


Shaun Bryant (UK)

Please join all of AUGI in welcoming him to the AUGI board.

Departing Members:

Now that the elections are complete, we bid farewell to a long-term board member, Mark Kiker and an international member, Dario Passariello. We wish them both well and hope that they stay connected in some way to AUGI.

Mark Kiker has served for 6 years on the Board and served as president 2008 – 2010.  Mark was instrumental in many of the initiatives over the six years he served, but mostly made great strides in governance, and sales/marketing.

He has served in some way in almost all of AUGI including International development, BLAUGI, Governance, Autodesk University and CAD Camp development. We are glad that he served, worked and became a friend to all the board members and many of you. He will be greatly missed.

Dario Passariello has served for 2 years on the Board. Dario has assisted AUGI greatly in areas of Social Media and Communications and has helped AUGI make some valuable connections to the Media and Entertainment industry focusing on 3ds MAX and MAX Design.



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Reading the .slog file

Forum:  Revit Architecture - General

Posted:  January 6, 2010

Is there any way to find out from the .slog if someone accidentally used "select all instances" then deleted items? I'm trying to figure out how all dimensions disappeared so that it doesn't happen again. The .slog file is a bunch of programmer jibberish. :P

add a directory to Support File Search Path

Forum:  AutoLISP

Posted:  January 6, 2010

Noble members, I am looking for a way to simply append, at will, some paths to the Support File Search Path and load some partial menus. In psuedocode it would be something like this...

Generic Annotations - RAC 2010

Forum:  Revit Architecture - General

Posted:  January 6, 2010

We are trying to make a keyplan for a building we are working on, and am running into a problem. We are making it a generic annotation, which would seem to be correct, but some of the lines are to small, so we get that annoying error of "Element is to small on screen", we can scale it up, and get...

Importing Survey Points?

Forum:  AutoCAD Land Desktop - General

Posted:  January 6, 2010

Hello,another question on importing points? LDD 2008: I am trying to import survey points, I have created a coded description library, I have created a series of blocks associated with the point descriptions, I have created a figure_prefix.txt file. I have imported the description key file into...

Importing dwg into a Revit RCP

Forum:  Revit Architecture - General

Posted:  January 6, 2010

When I link a dwg file that I get from a MEP consultant I can't get it to show up in my RCP, it only comes in at the floor plan. Is there a way to get it to show up in the RCP without exploding it?


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Navisworks vs Solibri

Forum:  Software

Posted:  January 4, 2010

Thoughts anyone. I just got my temp license to use Solibri and will start playing with that. From what I have seen though, it looks fairly nice, a little less complex interface (although more setup required for rules) then that of Navisworks. But about working in it, and time to review and see...

Weather Stations

Forum:  Autodesk Green Building Studio

Posted:  January 4, 2010

I have a user that is trying his first project run in GBS. He is trying to setup the project that is located in San Diego, CA. He isn't able to find any weather stations for the San Diego area. Does GBS not have weather data for that area? Is there a list somewhere of all the available weather...

3D DWF to 3D DWG

Forum:  AutoCAD 3D (2007 and above)

Posted:  January 4, 2010

is it possible to save a 3D DWF to a 3D DWG?

Coupe sur objet importé dwg

Forum:  Revit Architecture - Général

Posted:  January 4, 2010

Bonjour, Le projet a été conçu principalement sous revit 2009, j'ai utilisé autocad en complément puis importé les objets dans le modèle revit. Est-il possible de faire une coupe sur des objets importés d'autocad (dwg)? Lors d'une coupe, le logiciel m'affiche les objets importés dans leur...

Plan regions not working

Forum:  Revit MEP - General

Posted:  January 4, 2010

In 2009 and 32x 2010 I could use a plan regions all day long. The project we are working on has 5 floors, that are really made up of 9 floors at different floor heights due to additions constructed over the years (3rd and 4th Floor have 3 different floor heights) To show the duct work and...


What Matters Now - Give Generously

In this economy, we are all looking for game changers.  A way to focus energy and create something that is more than simply the sum of the parts. Seth Godin has accomplished this in a series of one-page essays contributed by a remarkable group of more than 70 people which comprise the free ebook called What Matters Now.


In the intro to the ebook, Seth talks about changing the goal from collecting to one of giving. Rather than focusing your efforts on ensuring that you get your fair share. Try giving more than your share... you'll find that you'll receive far more in return than your share cost you.

This type of thinking is well known to us.  It is what makes AUGI such a unique community. I know many contributors in the AUGI community that have always embraced this concept and demonstrated it through action.  Thanks to all of them! 

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