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Submit your nominations to join the AUGI Board of Directors


Now accepting nominations for the 2009/2010 AUGI Board of Directors! Do you want to make a difference in the future of AUGI? Click here to learn more about the nominations process and how to submit your nomination. Nominate yourself or others. It is easy! Hurry, nominations close at midnight on May 24th, 2009.


AUGI Training Programs are your Economic Stimulus Resource

It seems that these days, there are more and more companies offering FREE training for the unemployed. We applaud those efforts.  We think everyone SHOULD take advantage of free training when they can get it.  Isn't it refreshing to know that AUGI has ALWAYS had free training. 

You've never had more opportunity to get free training than you do right now!....course you've always had that at!


Autodesk Green Building Design and Ecotect forums on AUGI

AUGI - Sustainable (Green) Design forums AUGI recently added a new “Sustainable (Green) Design” forum area (Sub-Category area) under the Main-Category area “AEC”. The new “Sustainable (Green) Design” area offers support to users of Autodesk products Green Building Studio and Ecotect, as well as a place to discuss general “Sustainable (Green) Design” issues facing the building / construction industry.

Listed below are the 3 new forums that make up the Sustainable (Green) Design Sub-Category area:

Kudos to Steve Stafford for making it happen and to Bill Adams for moderating these new “green” forums.


Twitter and the AUGI Forums, follow me...

twitter web site + AUGI Forums web site = Follow AUGIForums on twitter

Use twitter to keep in touch with the AUGI Forums while using the web, your phone, or IM.

Not sure what twitter is? Click on the below link to watch a “Twitter In Plain English” video from the creative people behind the Common Craft show:

Follow @AUGIForums on twitter.

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AUGI Forums offline Saturday (2008-03-08) morning for an hour

AUGI Forums Please be aware, the AUGI Forums will be offline (unavailable) from approximately 01:00 pm GMT (2008-03-08), while the forum databases undergo some maintenance (updates).

All going well, the AUGI Forums will come back online (will be accessible) at approximately 02:00 pm GMT (2008-03-08). If that proves not to be the case, please keep checking back, as they will be brought back online as soon as possible.

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