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Autodesk NavisWorks forums live in the AUGI Forums.

AUGI - NavisWorks forums During the second half of last week, AUGI added a couple of new forums to help support users of Autodesk NavisWorks. The new NavisWorks forum area can be found under Autodesk Collaboration Tools (Main-Category area).

Listed below are the 2 new NavisWorks forums which are located under Autodesk NavisWorks Support (Sub-Category area):

If you have any comments, feedback you wish to give on the new NavisWorks forum area, please stop by the Forum Feedback area, and let AUGI know what you think (or additionally feel free to leave a comment below).


Totally Useless AUGI Forum Facts

I am a sucker for stats. A dingbat over data.  A collector of trivia. So when I have nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon, I wander the halls of AUGI and see what I can stumble into. Here is some of the "very interesting" stuff I found...

There are 11,353 members who have posted on the AUGI Forums.

There are 32 Forum Moderators of the English Speaking Forums and more than 15 for the international language forums.

There are 61,746 Threads and 610,615 Posts. The Coffee without CAD Forum has 271,604 posts. The "Longest Thread in History" has 85,293 replies, with KingBlads having the most with over 7900.

The most users ever online was 835 on 2007-06-27 at 11:38 AM.

Mike Perry has the most posts with 13,999 followed at a distant second by "beegee" with 5,203.

The most User Names start with the letter "J" with 1253 and the least start with "X" with only 15.

I have no idea if you care about this kind of info, but you will gather great tips, tricks, procedures, fixes, workarounds and specific answers to your questions on the forum.

Check them out here.


AUGI Forums offline for a couple of hours this coming Sunday.

Please be aware that the AUGI Forums [ ] will be taken offline this coming Sunday (2007-09-09) from 10:00 AM EDT (02:00 PM GMT) to 12:00 PM EDT (04:00 PM GMT), while we upgrade PHP from version 4.4.4 to 5.2.3 and MySQL from version 4.1.22 to 5.0.45.

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AUGI Forum Status

Last information: Online again 2007–08–19 3:00 PM GMT


The AUGI Forums have been taken offline to complete the software update that was originally scheduled for last weekend. They should be back online by 6:00am (EDT) Monday morning.


Os Foruns do AUGI estão offline para completar o upgrade que estava programado para a semana passada. Voltarão a estar online, pensa-se, a manhã de Segunda-Feira por volta das 6:00 (EDT).


Los Foros de AUGI se estan fuera de línea para terminar la actualización del software programada originalmente para el fin de semana pasado. Deben estar en línea por la mañana de lunes 6:00 (EDT) .


Les forum d'AUGI ont été pris en différé pour accomplir la mise à jour de logiciel qui a été à l'origine programmée pour le week-end passé. Ils devraient être de retour en ligne par matin de 6:00 AM (EDT) lundi.


Die AUGI Foren sind indirekt genommen worden, um das Software-Update durchzuführen, das ursprünglich für letztes Wochenende festgelegt wurde. Sie sollten bis zum 6:00 morgens (EDT) Montag Morgen online zurück sein.


Changes / Developments are afoot in the AUGI Forums

This is a heads-up message to ALL! AUGI Forum users / visitors.

Please take the time to review the following messages posted in the Forum Feedback area:

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